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Red Fist Revolution / Press

“It’s like listening to an Occupy-item on television, except that this musical approach shows a bit more of the inner frustrations. Trooper is definitely unhappy with his society, that is not given any specific topografical details, but of course it’s free to all listeners to check his or her own government for ‘Goliath-like elements’... The title ‘The Fall Of Goliath’ suggest a version of the Biblical story about young David and the giant Goliath. Instead, Ben Stewart (Conspiracy Of Thought) made a rock-opera about an oppressive government. This album tells the story of Trooper Chrysalis as he works to overthrow the most divisive empire the world has ever know… The Goliath OverClass...”

“Before the Occupy movement occupied cities around the United States , Riverside musician and songwriter Ben Stewart was penning the music to the story of David versus Golitah... Now, the songs from Red Fist Revolution’s rock opera “The Fall of Goliath,” seem downright prophetic... The album has two narrators — one in Goliath in the form of newscaster Rina Dongal and one from the Red Fist Revolution — Trooper Chrysalis... “You can see her transforming from being a talking head to feeling sympathy,” Stewart said about the character of Dongal... Similarly, Trooper Chrysalis undergoes his own change. “It’s a social journey but we wanted it to be a spiritual journey for Trooper Chrysalis as well.””

"¡Viva la Revolución! Coming straight from the belly of Marx is this timely artistic concept recording from former vocalist of Conspiracy of Thought Ben Stewart. Devanand Bassanoo lead guitarist from COT joins Stewart on this energetic post punk venture adding some progressive elements to the music. All the songs here are quite memorable. The recording champions the plight of a middle class laborer dealing with the oppression of corporate business and excessive Capitalism. But the twist from Marx, comes a spiritual awakening and refocus of the greater promise land – the New Jerusalem. The songs deal with issues of corporate slavery, greed and want, armament and end with a wonderful worship song. “The Fall of Goliath” is one of the most interesting works of art coming across my desk this year. Be sure to google the RFR website for video companions."

Mark Blair Glunt - Heaven's Metal Magazine/Silent Planet Radio

“Citing a long list of influences, this concept album reflects a whole range of styles ranging from acoustic ballads to electro metal... Red Fist Revolution is the creation of Ben Stewart and tells the story of Trooper Chrysalis and his transformed fight with an oppressive mega government, Goliath... the RFR really get into their stride with a groove metal sound that is reminiscent of Kings X or Pearl Jam. Ben's vocals are irresistibly smooth with a gravelly edge as they are squeezed out over a bass heavy set of tracks. Highlights include "Working Class Automaton" and "Fall Goliath Fall" that both feature infectious sing along choruses while the Cross Rhythms turntable hit "The Bomb" is an exciting rock rap nod in the direction of System Of A Down. RFR can write memorable, catchy tunes and include a full set of scriptural references for each track outlining the inspiration behind each cut. With top rate packaging this is a groundbreaking release from an exciting new act.”

“Many bands strive to make a difference in the world through their music no matter how big the struggle or how minimal the odds... This group dedicates its time to the community. At the upcoming show at Maverick’s Stadium, Red Fist Revolution will be teaming with Lift Up America, a charity group that distributes many needed goods and services to local foster children, children of incarcerated parents and other nonprofit groups. According to the “Red Fist Manifesto” this band believes in action... “We believe in clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, rehabilitating the lawless, visiting the imprisoned and welcoming the alien and stranger,”... Parting words from the revolutionist Trooper Chrysalis inspires all listeners, both those who believe in the theme of change as well as those just looking for an interesting new way to listen to music: “It takes the Internet, the stage and the action of people ready to make change happen . . . it takes a Revolution!””

“Fans of Riverside's Conspiracy of Thought should check out this project. It's called Red Fist Revolution, and it just might blow your mind. The rock-opera, "The Fall of Goliath," is a multimedia experience that uses not just music, but video dispatches and a strong audience participation element. It all starts in with rebels against Goliath who have been shut down. The main character, Trooper Chrysalis, changes as he becomes part of the Red Fist Revolution and works to help free the world from physical and spiritual bondage. The project's website at www.redfistrevolution.com has been telling the story song by song with some pretty interesting videos. This weekend, there's a rare chance to see Red Fist Revolution perform live. The show, featuring six songs from "The Fall of Goliath." Visit www.redfistrevolution.com for more information.”

“In a case where art mirrors life this album has many eerie parallels to what we have seen in the news in places like Egypt, Tunisia, and England. Whether you agree with the political statements, albeit within a story format, is irrelevant in one’s enjoyment of The Fall of Goliath. This concept album put together by Ben Stewart (Conspiracy of Thought) takes elements of Muse, System of the Down and Nine Inch Nails and offers a solid release of hook laden modern hard rock/metal. Musically the songs are punchy and to the point. At times the groove forces one to start tapping their proverbial foot, modern guitar driven hard rock with keyboard and piano. The Fall of Goliath has strong production values. The palette of tones is strong with enough diversity within a strong continuity to provide a very enjoyable listening experience. This is an album that’ll give your ole woofers a workout....”

“This solo outing is an eclectic album with a lot of different influences and styles. Heavy rock may be considered to be the main ingredient. Besides metal you can hear electronic, rap, pop and dance elements, and there are acoustic songs. Making an album with these different elements is not an easy task, but the production makes it work... [Stewart] sings with raw passion as easily as he does gentler styles. It works also as most songs have certain similarities. Even the heavy, more metal oriented tracks have elements in them from the softer tracks (like the use of piano), and vice versa. So, the styles vary, but the sound is the same... Production wise this CD is appealing as well, with catchy choruses and evolving sounds. For example, Drowning Again is filled with lyrical repetition, but the music evolves through the song from simple to more complex, creating a climax near the end... Some tracks scream for repeated listening, and would do great on radio...”

“[Excerpt from French magazine: Beehave]... Complètement enregistré sur un iMac avec Garageband avec un SM58, The Fall Of Goliath pourrait se revendiquer DIY si Red Fist Revolution se positionnait dans la cour d'école du punk ou du hardcore. Mais Ben Stewart, aka Trooper Chrysalis, le cerveau derrière le projet Red Fist Revolution, à d'autres préoccupations que de correspondre à une étiquette d'intégrité musicale qui n'a plus vraiment de sens à une époque ou de nombreux artistes font le choix de se passer d'un label... Complexe et hétéroclite, le premier album de Ben Stewart avec son nouveau projet Red Fist Revolution est une intéressante réalisation, à découvrir tant pour sa musique que pour les thèmes abordés.”

“Red Fist Revolution is about to release their debut album, ‘The Fall of Goliath,’ on YoungSide Records. The epic release which was over 15 months in the making has been described as a, ‘A Revolutionary Rock-Opera.’ ...The 14-songs that make up,’The Fall of Goliath,’ fall into a wide range of styles from progressive, punk, to techno, metal and even an acoustic ballad. ‘The Fall of Goliath’ starts off strong with the anthemic up tempo track, “Down in the Valley.” The song also features an interesting twist ending... Other highlight tracks include, “30 Pieces,”...“Working Class Automaton,”...“Class War,”...“Resuscitate,” ramps things up with its fast paced punk beats. Things end up like they started with the 2-strong tracks...“Marching to Valhalla,” & the melodic, “New Jerusalem,”. If you’re looking to hear an epic story of fighting the good fight using a wide array of well done music styles then Red Fist Revolution’s ‘The Fall of Go”

“Music in 2011: Red Fist Revolution Red Fist Revolution is a new project that is releasing its debut album, "The Fall of Goliath," in the spring. Ben Stewart, of Riverside's Conspiracy of Thought, is involved with the project. The release is a full-concept album and rock opera that melds alternative and progressive rock. The group also is working on some multimedia elements to accompany the music.”