Red Dirt Road / Press

"In November Red Dirt Road was the performer at the monthly coffeehouse Tres Café at Holy Trinity Church in Sherman. They wowed the large (over 100) crowd that came to hear the group play a repetoire made up exclusively of their own songs written by Doug Mathewson, Susannah Marker, Peter Nelson and Missy Alexander. Their music is a blend of swing, western swing, bluegrass and gospel and the vocal harmony is superb."

Carol Faure - Citizen News

“This year, the Red Dirt Road Band made another trip to town, playing some high-quality Americana, country, and gospel music...the guys and gals put on a great show every time I see them play.”

Kyle Brennan - Citizen's News

"Red Dirt Road, this is a band from New Milford, CT that I met on the Internet . I checked out their music and man, the songwriter there, Doug Mathewson, he is just fantastic." "this is the best one in my opinion, I really like this song, Doug Mathewson wrote it and it's called 'Southern Wind'

"Red Dirt Road," will feature guitarist Doug Mathewson. - "It will be the kind of music scene where you can sit and listen and tap your toe "

“...the Red Dirt Road Band have all the bases covered, touching on bluegrass,country, Americana, and gospel, making sure everyone in the audience hears something they like. ”

Citizen's News - Beacon Falls, Naugatuck, Prospect