Cole Kitz / Press

"Cole's impressive songwriting is only eclipsed by his performance: interesting, funny, fresh... But he's not much to look at..."

Dolores Cavanaugh - The Front Independent Newspaper

"Gepetto and the Cumquats...when they're not cheesing up the place, can really rock. The good kind of rocking, that both inspires and excites, and occasionally makes one violent."

William Rosebrook - The Hebron Gazette

"We all got the impression that Cole was the worst kind of loser."

weekend staff collective - Community of Critics

"Pretty Bird."

polly - D'Birdcage

“..as lyrics, the poetry of the song, being what is most usually the achille's heel of even the best bands, is an art here recovered and championed."”

Carl Reuss - The Rock n' Roll Guide

“Finally, a reluctant prophet...schizophrenic bliss.”

Dr. Anton Phillips Carnegie - Musicians Review Quarterly

“Slow Dirts lead man, Cole Kitz, spent almost fifteen minutes raving about skee-ball before launching into..."”

Bill Rosebrooke - The Hebron Gazette

"Making all recordings live or on a Karaoke machine is not what I would call professional."

Fran Ramsell - "Saturday Night"