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“'Who better to discuss this segment with than Mr. Renaissance himself, Mr. Hakeem Alexander--Certified Hypnotherapist, accomplished musician, talented songwriter, Capoeira Instructor, fitness, nutrition and health advisor, writer, personal trainer and more!' -How to be a Renaissance man or woman in today's environment.”

“Dude, Hymn to the Assburger is fantastic.”

“Hakeem you have out done yourself and your voice has matured so much.. I just closed my eyes and got swept away... thank you for the ride ;-)”

Amber Clancy - The Inbox Corresponder

“A ton of respect. Your writing from experience and doing it well. I can hear something real in your lyrics. Whether its dark, light, or something in between, its real Alexander. And some people like me live to hear that shit. Just a big thank you dude. Joel R. M.”

Joel Reed McNair - The Inbox Corresponder