Red Beards Revenge / Press

“Being the nucleus of his own musical career path has helped him gain tremendous experience that shows in everything James Funk does. The Musician’s Showcase and Artist-in-Residence events he hosts take the presentation of performance to another level. Where other performers practice their sets to hone their musical craft, Funk expands his vision to include the perfect balance and positioning of sound, recording, lighting, and photos of the event. The amount of thought, instinct, and work ethic that go into selecting just the right lineup has yielded some very creative bills and will continue to do so. As James Funk puts it, “If you want it done right, hire a Marine”.”

“Some say Red Beard is akin to Levon Helm, Merle Haggard or Shooter Jennings. Other liken them to Dallas Moore. I hear shades of them all, along with a little Tom Snyder, Paul Thorn and even a dash of Johnny Cash (the Joaquin years). In fact I’d love to hear a Bearded version of Cocaine Blues. But as I said, throughout the time I was there a cover was not played.”

“I did arrive in time to catch the final two acts of our day parties at the Tax Place and Southpaw Prints, featuring two regional acts not on the MidPoint bill. We had Red Beard’s Revenge marking their live debut on the sidewalk outside of the Tax Place, and Dayton, Ohio’s A Shade of Red across the street inside of Southpaw Prints. While Red Beard himself, aka James Funk, was showing onlookers just why the wah pedal was invented, recalling Hendrix at times, the guitar and drum tandem across the street was putting a much heavier spin into Blind Melon’s “No Rain.””