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“It’s not every day that music industry heavy hitters like Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Grateful Dead legend Bob Weir, former MTV host Matt Pinfield and various other multiple award-winning artists, producers and industry executives zero in on judging unsigned music. Local rock trio Red9 currently has the attention of all of these judges and more as it enters the final round of the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest.”

“One word that was used to describe Red9 over and over all night: Hardcore. Not hard in the sense that they were screaming, acting crazy, or tearing shit up, but just a consistent, impenetrable wall of sound. Heavy Alice in Chains-style riffing, bone-crushing Tool-esque rhythms, andthe kind of visceral art-rock one comes to expect from some of the greatest alternative rock bands.”

Nadia Noir - kroq.com

“The night’s opening band, Red9, is the perfect companion for anyone whose tendencies lean toward letting go and rocking out. This hard rock trio’s sound is remarkably like the Minutes to Midnight Linkin Park (whom everyone knows is different from every other Linkin Park), with heavy instrumentals paired with smooth vocals. Now, don’t misunderstand me here. Lead singer Jeff Lyons’ vocals are strong, but the rich tones of his naturally gifted voice make for a sweeter listening experience. Red9 plays on this balance with skill comparable to the pros, making them serious contenders in the Best Live Band category.”

Chantel Donnan - Music in Press

"ALL THEY REIGN" - 2011 Lennon Award Winner - Rock

"ALL THEY REIGN" - Grand Prize winner for Best Rock Song

“All three members were skilled musicians and every song they performed was melodically rich and all Rock.”

“These days, the definition of rock vacillates greatly. Indie rock is so vastly different from progressive rock; hard-edged guitar-driven alt-rock is so different from “Americana.” But when most people think of rock music, Red9 could be dubbed as a quintessential “rock” band.”

“Nominated for Best Live Band, Best Rock Artist and Best Music Video ("Fanatico").”

“'RED9' now available on iTunes, at amazon.com, at cdbaby.com, or on our Facebook page.”

“If Red9 is aiming for a rawboned/ lo-fi, DIY, '90s grunge-metal feel (Korn, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains), they're real close. The muscle-bound riffage of "Adios" got our attention, with the "oooo's" backup vocals adding a nice softening effect. Audioslave came to mind when we heard "Pedophile." And "Last Mistake" has a solid verse/chorus format with strong highs in the vocals.”

Music Connection Magazine

“Red9 is about making music and enjoying every moment. They’re not about the glitz and glamour; their enthusiasm stems from their passion of performing. They like to have a good time and hang out with their fans.”

OC Music Magazine

“I like to think I keep up on music - that I have some modicum of knowledge of the up and coming bands, so I don't become that crotchety old man yellin' at the kids to turn down all their scritchy scratch "music." More and more, RBN is schooling my old butt. Once again, I had no knowledge of Red9 prior to playing this song. They've got a new fan now... that is, if they'll take this crotchety old fart. Really killer song that is a blast to listen to and just as equally fun to play. If you're a fan of fast strumming and pounding drums, pick this baby up. You won't be sorry.”

Rockband Network Creators Blog

“Patience was the watchword in finding just the right line-up of talent for RED9, a Rock|Alternative band from Orange County, California. A listen to their new CD, "The Host," is evidence their diligence has paid off.”