Reckless Kelly / Press

"Reckless Kelly compiles a memorable set that fires on all cylinders - with enough mainstream appeal to bring the music to a much broader audience without compromising the high standards the group has always maintained."

“Reckless Kelly drives right down the center line between country and rock, and does it in a way that ought to appeal to people on both sides of the road.”

“The Austin American Statesman has called 'Bulletproof' "the album of [Reckless Kelly's] career," and the Hartford Courant has hailed it as "a bullseye," noting the band's "arrow-straight country-rock songs that get better with every album."”

“ Bulletproof shows the guys of Reckless Kelly at their most musically mature and is sure to be a musical library staple. The guys deliver excellent lyrics, heart-engaging melodies, and as always the signature fiddle, provide by incredible musical talent of Cody Braun.”

“Reckless Kelly has delivered a detail-oriented sonic masterpiece with tracks perfectly constructed so as to give each instrumental nugget enough space to glow, without causing the whole to sound overly sparse.”