RECESS / Press

“Way to rock out!”

Todd Meany - Anchor - Fox 8 News

“You guys were awesome!!!”

Kristi Capel - Anchor - Fox 8 News

“Need to have the band Recess back to perform soon! They were Awesome!!”

Stefani Schaefer - Anchor - Fox 8 News

“Just heard Recess' debut single! It rocks impressively! Probably one of the best debut singles I've heard in 30 years in the music business. Congratulations!”

"Corky" (via YouTube)

“Anthony, Alex and Vince are REAL artists with a passion and dedication to win. Keep an eye on RECESS - they're about to take the world by storm!”

“I continue to marvel that these kids are so young. They play with the experience and passion usually reserved for bands with a few decades under their belts!”

“More than 4 million people worldwide have marveled at the Yahoo and YouTube videos of Recess performing..."”