Rebuild/Repair / Press

"Damage Stories is the best Black Flag album never released."

““Rebuild/Repair have written a ton of awesome tunes and riffs to check out...’Damage Stories’ is a superb and thrilling ride from start to finish””

"Arson Awareness Day is an excellent blast of heavy fucked-up Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs to get your mind, body and soul pumped up for the next 21 mins or so. Just play this at full blast and let all your anger out as Rebuild/Repair are the perfect band to unleash all your tensions out to. These guys demand your attention now."

"Randall and company are one of Edmonton's hardest-hitting live bands these days...I think this band will turn heads wherever they go, because they are a rip-roaring good time"

Rod Rookers - Absolute Underground

"(Rebuild/Repair) are like a crazed combination of the Melvins & the Circle Jerks, a true sludgy band that rips.(Relics is) 5 songs, 5 dirges, 5 tracks that any bowl session now require playing in the background"

"you guys don't suck!"

A raving fan - Vancouver

"somehow Rebuild/Repair makes it look easy, playing songs with monster riffs that threaten to crash into your body at high velocities before switching on a dime and getting down and dirty. The band has a knack for subtlety in their songs, a confrontational yet welcome surprise in a genre of music where bands can just as easily take the lazy route and be celebrated for stagnation."

"'Summary' (is) a collection of 5 gritty and moody, but upbeat songs, that show a lot of depth, especially lyrically, for a band that hasn't been around that long.... (Eschatology) forces the listener forward through a range of speeds and moods, but always maintaining an intensity, and melody, that's signature of the entire E.P."

"..you got Will Ferrell back there on drums, making a mockery of everything!"

some dude - Party-goer

"these guys are true musicians... they put the music above all else and the music was fucking good. It reminded me of that later Black Flag years when they stopped caring about what their hardcore punk fanbase thought and focused on writing good songs that would push the envelope."

“It's unfair to call Rebuild/Repair a punk band. They are more than that. They strip off the punk fashion and the phony attitude, leaving 3 of the nicest guys in the world playing honest, fast and loud with more heart, passion and sincerity than any of their peers. And the songs. Man, they can write a song.”

Craig Martell - Wunderbar

"Rebuild/Repair is one of Edmonton's more interesting bands to arrive on the local scene lately... Rebuild/Repair have an old school feel to their music and show a lot of influence from seminal bands such as Black Flag and Black Sabbath (Black Flag were big fans of Sabbath as well). R.R. is a good addition to a fast n' loud kind of show, and there are enough twists and turns in their live set to keep show goers on their toes."

Rod Rookers - DV8, Kroovy Rookers