Rebelution / Press

"Rebelution's album, "Bright Side of Life," gives listeners everything they've expected and more."

The Channels Online - SB City College

"The album is truly the soundtrack for the summer, with an overall theme of encouragement, a blend of the band's cohesive mix of reggae, rock, and hip-hop influences, and kick back, "worry free" vibes."


"The vibes kicked out by this band are relentlessly positive, as the musicians bring together reggae, rock and hip-hop into a blend that could come only from the beaches of Southern California."

Colorado Springs Gazette

““If Maroon 5 was produced by King Tubby it might sound something like "Bright Side of Life". The Santa Barbara based Rebelution continues to perfect its brand of beach reggae with their second album.””


"Bright Side of Life' is an excellent album...The fact that they continually incorporate their own style and flare while remaining true to the music is even more impressive."

The Reggae Review

"Bright Side of Life is really the “to be continued” part of “Courage to Grow” it almost has the same feel, but you can defiantly tell these guys have matured in their song writing ability".

Branch Out Music

““California-based reggae band Rebelution earns a career best with its sophomore album, Bright Side of Life.””

Jamaica Observer

““Rebelution has come a long way in one year… becoming a seasoned touring band, and the result of that is evident when witnessing their live show...””


““Rebelution works it on that colorblind reggae tip. Laid-back, yet often socially conscious lyrics tastefully set off beat-heavy tracks that epitomize the sentiment of dub. Truly a hybrid when it comes to genre, Rebelution encompasses the qualities of an essential summertime soundtrack.””

Branch Out Magazine

““Best Reggae Album of 2007””