“I reviewed two of the songs, “Freak Town” and “Anything Will Do”. I couldn’t have picked two songs, with such opposite moods, but both gave a sense of extreme circumstances. The first, “Freak Town”, a grunge-type song, with an obvious influence reminiscent of 80′s metal, carries the torch that many metal heads have carried in honor of one of everybody’s favorite past times…Sex. Want to know what I mean? Take a look at Verse 1 in the lyrics. Verse 1 of “Freak Town” I got it bad, it’s a fever from Freak Town Another degree, rising higher than any round She pops it hotter than a chopper on overload ‘N ya know it’s tough to pull it, when she’s screaming, she’s comin’ more Whew! That was intense!! The second song, “Anything Will Do”, puts the listener in the mindset of someone who’s undoubtedly at the end of his rope. Yet, on the other hand, the lyrics could even be interpreted from the point of view of a soldier at war.”