The Rebel Set / Press

“This Rebel Set album is rocking my socks straight off. I can not encourage this sort of sound enough.”

Matthew Smollon-Music Director - WUTK FM 90.3 The Rock Knoxville, TN

“From the reverb-heavy spy-rock instrumental that ushers you into the album to the lo-fi psychobilly swagger of a final track called "14th Floor," the Rebel Set's first full-length effort, "Poison Arrow," effortlessly lives up to the promise of the band name (a B-movie reference) and album art based on "The Man With the Golden Arm." The lead guitar is steeped in all the classic surf and spy-rock moves, but the overall vibe of the record is closer in spirit to the lo-fi garage-punk aesthetic of acts like Billy Childish and the Mummies. ”

“...the Arizonans’ smartly updated takes on the sort of fun-yet-ominous music Duane Eddy and The Ventures played in the late ’50s and early ’60s.”

Spencer Patterson - Las Vegas Weekly