Rebel Raised / Press

“With apologies to KISS fans, rock doesn’t have to be flashy or covered in makeup to be good. It doesn’t need laser shows and pyrotechnics to make it compelling. And, more importantly, it doesn’t have to come from Los Angeles, New York City or Nashville. Great rock ’n’ roll can be found right here in Wyoming. 'There’s a unique sound from the Rocky Mountain region, from Colorado all the way to Canada. There’s a really unique sound that comes out of this area,' said Roy Pack, the CEO and co-owner of Tin Star Records of Sheridan. 'It’s a cultural sound that I think is a little harder. A little more survivalistic. There’s a little more change to it.' It’s a sound that reflects a region where you can be working out under the sun one day, and the next day you’re trying to dig yourself out from a foot of snow. ”