Rebel Hotel / Press

“Every time I’ve seen this scandalously underrated LA-based band, Rebel Hotel delivered nothing short of a devastating rock and roll extravaganza!”

“Think modern hard rock with a punky edge, sleaze rock flirting with Californian punk rock, VELVET REVOLVER jamming with the DEAD KENNEDYS?”

“Rebel Hotel was incredible that night. These guys were all over the stage. I can honestly say they put their all for that night.”

“Returning to the evening’s lineup, the notorious Hollywood hooligans, “Rebel Hotel” was firing up.....”

“GILBY CLARKE – Guns n’ Roses-MC5-Heart-Supernova.. “Its nice to hear a straight forward Rock n’ Roll band, I like this, I would buy this””

“Rebel Hotel to Play Hometown; Tiki Bar, May 31st in Costa Mesa, CA”

““We did one show and the singer goes to jail. And I was like, ‘Alright fuck this, I’m singing from now on!’”

"Thats why I bombard you with shit"

““If one aims for the stars you might hit the moon, and that’s not bad but it takes determination and sacrifice””

"Every show we’ve played, we’ve certainly won the crowds respect and love because we’ve got catchy songs, and action performances."

"My favorite part of being a musician is first that I love music and playing guitar, it gives me peace of mind and comfort, I listen to pretty much everything depending on my mood. I also love the camaraderie and the creation of writing songs and the life style too."