Rebel Bran / Press

“Song Bluesers: The beat & intro is an instant attention grabber. The song displays nice hard felt lyrics & perfectly laid-back singing, giving it a brilliant touch throughout the entire song.”

“Self titled "Bluesers", the single is a motivational tune to inspire others to awaken from the system in which we live in today.”

"You and I...twenty years later" album selected for "The Best of 2010 playlist" by For Folk's Sake in UK!

"you and I instrumental" selected for The Best Podsafe Songs of RobKast 2010!

“I’m loving this so much it’s insane! The truly ridiculous Children of the Night is my standout track – mad, upbeat, it’s almost disco.”

“This is spectacularly weird – like June Tabor being squeezed through a synthesizer.”

"Love your music."

"It's refreshing to hear new creative songwriting. Bravo!!"

"A fragrant, robust musical stew."

"LOVE your work!"

"excellent, brilliant work and music"

"Old Story has really great lyrics"

"you are a supreme vocalist Bran!!"

""Old Story" is wonderful !"

“This guy has some serious pipes. I admire great vibrato, and music that is unique!”

" I love the song "Beautiful World." This is 37 tracks of pure pleasure."

"Love Bluesers-great all around and the lyrics are deep and true "...Blacks were saved by singing the blues..." Fantastic that you dedicate it to the wall street movement. Best to ya'll!"

“Your website is amazing, and your music is great!”

“Hooky riffs meet a great arrangement in "Katarina" - nice intimate ballad! Nice vocal tone! :-)”

“I really enjoyed this...It's funny when I look at the emails on myspace that I get... I delete most of them. However when it comes to you I always read them and are always moved in some way. Thank you.”

“Hey man, just wanted to say your music is fucking awesome!”

"trippy eclectic sound you have-feeling it in SF"

“...Listened to "bluesers" and really enjoyed the song,very original,fine voice,lyrics and arrangement..good stuff!..”

“I just love visiting your page... and listening.”

“Really enjoying 'Bluesers' at the moment. Great song! Very unique and captivating sound.”

“I believe Viktor Neumann knows you, ;-) Please keep the tunes flowing as you do because we all need your magic touch. Be well!”

“Enchanted with your beautiful music. Reminds me of a musician I also know from your area, George Kaufmann, but you are far more soulful & melancholy....”

“Bran's keen ear for an earworm means that the listener is never more than 30 seconds from a painfully strong hook, such as on the wistful Sonny or the string-led and altogether broodier Bluesers.”

“Rebel Bran is an artist approaching music from many directions. His mellow, melodic and frequently Latino take on pop music seems pretty straightforward at first. Gentle and relaxed instrumentation washes over the listener”

“His polishing tasks focus on experimenting with new instruments, while adding layer upon layer like icing in a cake... A pretty good start for this unusual approach to songwriting”

“It is clear Rebel Bran is an intuitive guy and he channels, communicates and releases feelings through his compositions.”

“Bran's arrangements in tracks such as Bluesers where he incorporates synths, cowbell and violins in such forms such traditional past meets futuristic environs are proof of an original mind.”

“Also peculiar is his medley of jazz, pop, country and spices from the old Yugoslavian shores, particularly evident in his renditions of love in Katarina, sung in his mother tongue.”

“Bran has his first album put after 20 years making music and writing songs. That as a concept is pretty peculiar.”

“Rebel Bran is from Canada and Serbia and it shows. Such a musical mix cannot be nothing more than eyebrow raising.”

“Strangely operatic Bowie-esque vocals, high violins and wild harmonica a-la Dexy’s Midnight Runners and the plinky keyboard stylings of the Buggles come together to create something dark, silly and utterly unintelligible – electro jazz folk!”

"You and I instrumental is quite beautiful- great melody, excellent performance and overall production. Great mix - overall balance and spacial quality."

"Beautiful melody and excellent musicianship in You and I instrumental!"

"Rebel Bran has a great feel for developing a layered arrangement with rich organic sounds."

"Rebel Bran gets such cool instrumental sounds, nice work!"

"Another Night Without You is rich with old world flavor."

"The strings on You and I instrumental are really beautiful, creepy and compelling.

"Overall style is very unique and extremely interesting!"

" I think what you are doing has some serious potential!"

" I LOVE the vibe in Katarina- it reminds me of many songs I have heard in movies- of Serge Gainsborough with an Eastern European accent--( A HUGE COMPLIMENT BY THE WAY!)

"I love how you have combined some elements of Eastern European music you probably grew up listening to into your songs- it makes me think of the band GOGO BORDELLO"

“I really like the music. It's atmospheric. I was looking for a track with the right feel to follow on from a religious song for my poetry and music show this Saturday but to up the tempo a tad and the energy. The instrumental fitted the bill. ”

"...'Bluesers' is a homage to the black masters of blues... where Bran demonstrates his high arranging skills especially with emphases on complex string sections, which at the end almost seamlessly melt into the acoustic guitar of next song 'Old Story' - my personal favourite.

Spasa Bosnjak - "Umbrella" (Kisobran), Vancouver Serb Magazine, Vancouver, BC

“In Old Story the mood is painted with strings, but accentuated with a traditional accordion envoking the melancholy of Astor Pjacola!...”

Spasa Bosnjak - "Umbrella",(Kisobran), Vancouver Serb Magazine, Vancouver, BC

“You and I evokes the sounds of my favorite works of Paul Weller...”

Spasa Bosnjak - "Umbrella" (Kisobran), Vancouver Serb Magazine, Vancouver, BC

“'You and I' is musically the strongst piece, especially thanks to the virtuous violin playing of Ian Cameron.”

Spasa Bosnjak - "Umbrella" (Kisobran), Vancouver Serb Magazine, Vancouver, BC

"It was my pleasure to add "Another Night Without You" to my Internet radio playlist"

“Rating 5 (Love the songs!) Ambitious, Atmospheric, Delicate, Dramatic, Dreamy, Eccentric, Energetic”

"I'm listening now as I write and am enjoying "Katarina" immensely!...Again, love the beautiful arrangements and am looking forward to featuring your tunes, not only on the "return" episode but on future Ed's Mixed Bag episodes."

"My staff and I just finished listening to your cd. I have to tell you, it touched our hearts - it's beautiful!

Danie Cortese, - DC Enterntainment, Toronto

“The cd has an international flavour to it, I can hear your homeland roots... not only that, I hear some Latin influences as well... even some Arabic type feels... Some of your lyrics are very emotive...”

Dannie Cortese - DC Enterntainment, Toronto, ON

“The production quality is amazing. The cd has a lot of crossover potential - musically... falls into the 'roots' category, easy listening, adult contemporary, world, latin...so much more"”

Dannie Cortese - DC Enterntainment, Toronto, ON

"I was very happy and honoured when I received your CDs! My friends are definitely going to be listening to THIS one!!!!!!! Nice album art, BTW... Great working with you.”

Denis Marcenko, bass player, Vancouver, BC - personal comment

“Wow! What a package. I'm honoured to be a part of this. Looks and sounds beautiful!”

Robbie Staninger, musician, Vancouver, BC - personal comment

"Great CD! 'Katarina' mix is fantastic! The sound is perfectly balanced and very contemporary, and almost mystical at times. Design is great too! Now when I listen to it I’m so glad you invited me to join your project! Congratulations!”

Milan Milosevic, clarinet player/composer - personal comment