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“BEST OF THE BAY: Best Roving Troubador -- For more than two decades, St. Pete resident Rebekah Pulley has helped shape Tampa Bay’s reputation as a haven for alternative country sounds, and spreading that gospel as one of the area’s hardest-touring independent musicians.”

"One of the most graceful records of the past several years. Pulley’s got a perfectly sinuous, utterly personal singing style and ... a sense of rhythm that is utterly bluesy without ever being overstated."

Dave Marsh - Rock and Rap Confidential, SIRIUS XM

“Creative Loafing's Best of the Bay 2013 'Best Folk-Rock' winner! "Yes, we know — the workhorse songstress with the honeyed-silk vocals makes into the pages of CL frequently. But she and her band deserve some Best of the Bay love after putting out last year’s twangy, tuneful, finely-crafted full-length, Tralala, and steadily performing dates behind it. Well done, Ms. Pulley, and keep up the fantastic seemingly effortless work." - Creative Loafing, 9/19/2013”

“Tralala # 12 on the Freeform American Roots (FAR) Charts”

“There’s something so effortless about Rebekah Pulley’s songwriting, whether she’s waxing poetic on “Sweet Life,” her raw, honeyed-silk vocals harmonizing with the lower-register murmur of partner/frequent collaborator Rob Pastore against rambling, piano-driven violin-kissed melodies; crooning soulfully about wanting love and drugs to a doo-wop shuffle in “The Drug Song”; or relating a wry story in strung-together spoken-sung verses about a woman seeking salvation and finding a lot of “Hard Times” instead, the strains of sliding pedal steel and acoustic guitar winding together gently and riding an easy chugging rhythm. All three tracks are off the latest full-length from Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets, Tralala, which finds Pulley returning to her folk-rock and Americana-rooted aesthetic, and bringing on a full complement of musician friends to build a more instrumentally lush backdrop than 2008’s well-regarded Back to Boogaloo, among them, trumpeter Jim More”

“Rebekah Pulley & The Reluctant Prophets Tralala Anyone who’s still tempted to think of Rebekah Pulley as the perennial solo-acoustic loner with the quiver full of unadorned, hesitant, somewhat mournful tunes--and that crowd includes this reviewer--needs to catch up, and put that association to rest for good. It’s an image that’s, what, two albums out of date, and in any case, Tralala’s fully-fleshed sounds position the buzzy St. Pete singer-songwriter as a bandleader with confidence and vision as well as a killer voice. Pulley’s mesmerizing vocals will always evoke a somewhat melancholy state of mind. But Tralala’s vibrant tour of the Americana map doesn’t pin its identity solely on the conjurings of her singing, giving equal time to both her songwriting and the abilities of multi-instrumentalist Rob Pastore and the rest of the band (not to mention a stable of gifted friends) as well. The result is catchy, assured and enjoyable. From the piano-led, Jackson Browne-remini”

““Rebekah Pulley is a Florida treasure, the most talented artist among us, whose appeal ranges from folkies to alternative types. …it’s time for the world to discover her special gifts…the impossibly sweet voice, perceptive and penetrating songwriting, and tasty band and arrangements.””

Rany Wind, PD - WMNF 88.5Fm, Tampa

“”A boatload of catchy songs.” ”

Program Director - - KRVM, Eugene, OR

“Tralala # 16 on the Euro Americana Chart”

“Alaskan born singer songwriter Rebekah Pulley's music is captivating. Pulley now a Saint Petersburg, Florida resident, began writing when she was eight and received her first guitar at age 15 from a generous family friend while visiting Oregon. Her raw talent has fans flocking to purchase her albums on iTunes. Two of her fan favorites include "I'm Not Your Girlfriend Anymore" and "Morning Came Too Soon" both reminiscent of our own lives. ***Follow the link for the full interview***”

"...(Y)ou can see why the Tampa/St Pete media are all over Pulley. They don’t have to cut her any hometown slack, her folk-rock album would be outstanding wherever it came from. Pulley has a wonderful voice... and if she has terrific musicians, particularly Ryan Arsenault piano/B3 and Sandi Grecco drums, any flake in Austin can hire first rate musos. What makes this album so special is Pulley and guitarist Steve Connelly’s quite extraordinarily intelligent and musically astute production that maximizes all its ingredients. Thousands of decisions, some really major, most individually quite minor, go into making an album and it’s asking a lot for anyone to get all of them right... but if Pulley and Connelly zigged when they should have zagged, it must have been on a positively microscopic level. Immensely enjoyable, and a master class in DIY. "

John Conquest - 3rd Coast Music, Austin

“There may be some slight hesitation hinted at by the name of her backing band, The Reluctant Prophets, but you could never set the same rules for Rebekah Pulley. She offers full disclosure over the course of “Sweet Life”, the opening track on the recent release...Tralala. Rebekah sees where she is right now, “Old enough to know better, but still too young to care about things like dying”, and freely admits “I'm not the sweet thing this world set me out to be, I got a little of that devil, hiding somewhere deep inside of me”. She's rough around the edges but can polish to a shine..and asks for what she wants “pour me some sweet life, give me love to break my heart, push me to the limits, I thought I wasn’t strong enough to start”. Tralala looks for brothers and friends that have gone to search of the beat of their own drums (“Totem”), shuffles out to search for a more personal beat (“Paint the Town”) and takes a look at a lia life that has been beat on itself ”

"The local singer-songwriter has one of those voices that sears into your brain and finds emotional trigger points you never knew existed (or at least were hiding). She's pretty intense, she's also pretty good."

Sean Daly - The St Petersburg Times

"St. Pete singer/songwriter Rebekah Pulley has been penning fine tunes and releasing solid records for some time now, but none quite touch the smart, catchy, folk-rock excellence of this latest full-length, Back to Boogaloo. The melodies are breezy, but the lyrics never swoon into cliché. The singer's voice is assured and full, but also vulnerable at times. Pulley's ace backing band, The Reluctant Prophets, along with co-producer/multi-instrumentalist Steve Connelly, augment her acoustic guitar creations with spot-on backing, ranging from Dobro to synth. The likes of Sheryl Crow should blush at a collection of songs this inspiring and entertaining. "

Wade Tatangelo - Creative Loafing

““Rebekah Pulley leaves her comfort zone, or maybe just finds a new one, on “Back to Boogaloo,” adding touches of gospel soul and classic rock to her tried-and-true alt-country. Ryan Arsenaut’s keyboards add new colors but as always, it’s her taut, evocative songs and seductive voice that take the spotlight.””

Curtis Ross - Tampa Tribune

“BEST SINGER-SONGWRITER: She captured the local original-music scene’s attention a couple years ago, and has admirably held it since, remaining one of the most loved, cited and talked-about artists in the area. And she’s only gotten better, widening her stylistic palette in both grittier and mellower directions, while maintaining one of the most evocative voices around. Whether solo or with her fine band The Reluctant Prophets, she’s a standout act on any bill, be it rock-, folk-, pop-, or jam-oriented. She should be famous, but first, can we get another album of intimate yet universal tunes, please?”

“BEST SINGER/SONGWRITER Rebekah Pulley --- Rebekah Pulley was voted as Best Singer/Songwriter in the Tampa Bay area by the reader's of Creative Loafing this year. ”

Reader's Poll - Creative Loafing

“BEST LOCAL ALBUM: Rebekah Pulley, The Real World. A sultry, rootsy Americana disc that could go head-to-head with any of the above-mentioned albums. Fans go gaga over Pulley's gorgeous voice, but she wrongly gets compared to "folkies" and Lilith Fair ladies, and not the acoustic greats who are more her speed: Cash, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell.”

GINA VIVINETTO - The St Petersburg Times

“BEST ACOUSTIC ACT Rebekah Pulley Singer/songwriter Rebekah Pulley is not, repeat not, a folkie. Sure, she can hold a coffeehouse crowd transfixed, and her occasionally socio politically tinged lyrics at times recall a certain old-school grassroots sensibility. Her songs, however, showcase an enviable knack for both dynamic structure and subtle texturing of mood, and her warbling, captivating voice is all white soul and compelling pop melody. Shit, she's good. Last winter's A Brand New Day adequately introduced a songwriter with an amazingly mature grasp of the craft but didn't quite do her powerful vocals justice; live, her singing is both technically spot-on and emotionally devastating. It can drop your jaw and break your heart. Pulley's local profile has risen steadily over the last six months, and in certain Pinellas circles, anticipation of her next disc, titled Here in the Real World (expected around the New Year), is already high. And deservedly so — even at first listen, you'”

Music Critic - Weekly Planet