Rebekah Ann Curtis / Press

“Beautiful voice from a beautiful woman and the writing is exceptional”

“I always tell people your voice is like a cross between Pink and Adele; soulful with a little bit of grit and shimmer.”

“Suh-wheeeeeet voice!!!”

"one of Seattle’s premier up & coming young singer/songwriters Rebekah Ann Curtis!! (young lady with an amazing voice)"

“Rebekah Ann Curtis has a fantastic voice and a CD that sounds far too mature to be her first release. Rebekah writes songs based on life experiences and is influenced by a variety of genres.”

“Rebekah Ann Curtis "spans a wide variety of music from pop to country, rock to folk, and more"..."featuring great music highlighted by her powerful and enchanting vocals."”

"Her sound seems to fit right in with the now popular singer/songwriter genre that has sprung up in recent years, giving her own take on love, life, friendship and what it all means"..."If you enjoy such artists as Ingrid Michaelson or Sara Bareilles, I think you'll find her music worth your time."

“Delightful mix of wonderful, insightful messages along with great background music!! I just put it on repeat and let it play all day!! ”