Rebecca 'Sherry' Michael / Press

“We are digging your sound and tracks! Excellent stuff!! Nov 27”

Pace Ride - Reverbnation Artist

“had a listen to "movin' to the Island2 " and really enjoyed the song, arrangement, melody, voice, lyrics and blues style..good stuff!..your friend dean..blessings and peace!”

Dean Jablonski - Reverbnation Artist

“Yes - Great to listen to an artist with a huge spectrum of vision making the sounds/music. Wayne Sanelli”

Wayne Sanelli - Wayne Sanelli- Reverbnation artist

“Dear Rebecca 'Sherry' Michael, Jazz Williams has sent you a message: Subject: New Radio Show "Feminization" Hi, I am launching a new show supported by women in business for women in music, now talk about paying it forward. The show will be featuring Canadian women's music and musicians from coast to coast. I would like to interview you and promote your music, you will need to provide me with your CD/s. I'd like to get you on my calendar for an interview to come on air and share your music. If there are any other female musicians you know and respect that you would like to have this same opportunity then please share my contact info with them, 226-929-5999 Jazz Send your mp3's to feminization@jazzwilliams.com or CD/s to Jazz Williams c/o 100.3FM 220 King St Unit G Waterloo, ON N2J 2Y7 office number is (519) 886-2567 and don't forget to tune in to www.soundfm.ca or Rogers cable 946 or 100.3FM starting Monday Sept 13th 2010 6-8pm”

“Wayne Sanelli From: Artist - Wayne Sanelli (Go to Page) Subject: Approve Comment Status: Pending Date: 2010-07-17 13:31 Brilliant music Sherry. Amazing... Love the harmonica and the home grown sound embedded intot he pro recording ”

Wayne Sanelli - Wayne Sanelli- Reverbnation artist

“ Vintage From: Artist - Vintage (Go to Page) Subject: Approve Comment Status: Pending Date: 2010-07-15 9:22 Love this music... awesome vox ....keep up the good work.....V ”

Vintage band - No. 1 Rock genre band at Reverbnation

“ Hi Sherry....... Pat Branch, here in NYC… songwriter and bass player and also a member of REVERBNATION. Surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. "Summer Colours of Life " is a terrific track of yours and I became your fan. It would be cool if you visited me, too and become a fan. Best of luck in your musical pursuits and on REVERBNATION. Your new fan Pat B in NYC SONGWRITER/BASS PLAYER ♪♪♪♪♪♪ ”

Pat Branch Songwriter, NYC - Pat Branch Songwriter - Reverbnation

“Walk then Run Pt. 1 / 2 - Interview with Songwriter Apostle Dr. Rebecca Michael -excerpt by Power for Today magazine inside Phoenix Horizons Magazine issue 1 March / 2010”

“Walk then Run- Pt. 2/2- An interview with Apostle Dr. Rebecca Michael”

“Music and Music videos created and produced by Rebecca Michael featured currently for the past year at Chatelaine Magazine VisWikipedia site.”

“Walk, Then Run! Part 1/2 An interview with Apostle Dr. Rebecca Michael”

“Here is the link for the CBC Radio-Canada- Maple Leaf Mailbag Show with Host Ian Jones- interview Rebecca Michael did for my new CD Release 'Walk then Run' blues rock- as a Canadian Songwriter / Music Producer- Click link to listen-See archives for Oct. 25 / 2009 for interview for Rebecca Michael.”