Rebecca Pronsky / Press

"Pronsky addresses the struggles of a generation attempting to get by... over a propulsive beat and a wash of noirishly twangy guitarrs. Personal, anecdotal and emotional. A commanding, low-register warble, Pronsky's voice conveys the wisdom of experience."

NPR Song of the Day

"Pronsky is an allusive, poetic lyricist who isn't interested in providing clear, linear meanings so much as impressions, dreams, and moods. Pronsky makes observations in a clear, resonant tenor, strumming her acoustic guitar over a rhythm section, while Bennett provides the musical color on lead electric guitar, piano, mandolin, and organ. Whatever the dissatisfactions the singer expresses, Bennett's playing provides a counterweight; life may not be good, but the music can be.

All Music Guide

“She stands out above the sea of thoughtful women with guitars... Rebecca Pronsky knows her way around a metaphor, and though residing in Brooklyn, she sings like she has Nashville in her blood.”

Pittsburgh City Paper

"Talented local folk-pop songsmith Rebecca Pronsky explores a country-tinged sound. Her writing is literate, passionate, and wry."

Time Out NY

“She can rock n roll, she’s as folksy as the best of them, she can jazz it up when called upon and her voice is sublime. But it’s that country “twang” that is making her name and its one that will become heard more and more. ”

"If you're any sort of a country music fan, the opening bars of Viewfinder will have you drooling with pleasure. There's at least a couple of songs here, Hard Times is one and Aberdeen, with it's driving bass line, is the other, which ought to pick up plenty of radio play - memorable and distinctive enough to ensure that she's much better known by the end of the year. In her songs here there is a persistent air of loss of innocence, of being aware of becoming a grown-up. Whether it's the financial collapse, the nation at war or the emotional growing up of learning to live with loss, this feels like the literate voice of a generation coming of age in the new millennium."

Flyinshoes Review / No Depression

"Songbird. With a brutal, cutting lyricism and a jazz trained voice, Ms. Pronsky is an act worth catching."

Ithaca Times

"Rebecca Pronsky struck a deep chord on last year's Departures & Arrivals, with a little twang and a lot of empathy." (Top Ten Best Albums of 2008 Critic's List)

Philadelphia City Paper

"With slicker, ballsier vocals and jazzier progressions than your average folksinger, she bridges the gaps between folk, Americana, jazz, and indie pop."

East Bay Express (Oakland)