Rebecca Martin / Press

“Rebecca Martin, with a voice as intelligent as Joni Mitchell though different in timbre....her firmness of a woman sure of her music....our enthusiasm for renewing musical tradition is at its height.”

“I've been mildly obsessed with the jazz singer Rebecca Martin for a hot minute.”

“Rebecca Martin's "When I Was Long Ago" (Sunnyside) is one of the most exceptional jazz vocal recordings of the year.”

“On her gorgeously intimate new album ‘When I Was Long Ago’ the singer Rebecca Martin addresses a program of jazz standards as if sifting through treasured momentos”

Nate Chinen - The New York Times

“The jazz singer Rebecca Martin can sing slow swing with a supreme sense of centering around the pulse, re-designing melodies and making her voice crinkle at emotional points. And when the drumming goes away completely, she grows stronger…the musicians give her molasses swing and empathy and lots of empty space, and she takes care of the rest.”

Ben Ratliff - The New York Times

“As jazz singers go, Rebecca Martin exudes the plainest sort of poise, almost radical in its utter lack of flash. When she wasn’t cradling an acoustic guitar on Thursday night at the Cornelia Street Café, she held her arms clasped behind her back, as if to make sure they wouldn’t be a distraction. She sang quietly, favoring slow tempos. Her embellishments registered on the granular level, in the placement of a phrase or a light catch in her throat. She was unerringly faithful to the melodies of the songs, both standards and originals...she made them seem less like songs than like articulations of her state of mind”

“In the circles of Jazz in New York, the singer (Rebecca Martin) has had critical success. Her approval rating has risen steadily over recent years, and for good reason. In Montreal, however, she still remains a secret … I will not keep it to myself. Count me in!”