Rear Naked Choke / Press

“Listed as one of the top 5 West Texas Underground Rock/Metal band you need to know!! - You cannot get more hardcore than having a band named after a mix martial arts submission move. And, as there are diverse fighting styles in the MMA, Rear Naked Choke defines their style as not only assorted, but they brand their flair as high-energy, and not attempting to emulate or fit in a mold. The band has been around since 2009 and in that time have garnered a solid following of fans due to their hard rocking and entertaining ways. Mick Taylor is one bad-ass vocalist and the band as a whole is an army of rock warriors that must be heard.”

“Rear Naked Choke is, easily, one of the best Texas bands I've seen/heard in years. They do it all, from edgy and aggressive attack to powerful and melodic. These guys are seasoned veterans that put on one hell of a rock show. You can hear so many influences in their music but know that their writing is all their own. The amazing 2 guitar attack blended with a groovy and solid rhythm section that will keep your head bouncing all topped off with the most energetic frontmen you'll ever see. Bad ass band!”

“It was completely accidental, coming across Rear Naked Choke. It’s hard to find stuff from lesser-known bands, especially if you’re in Nova Scotia and they’re in Texas. But from when I heard their song “Better Man”, I knew I was listening to something amazing. The song was beautifully crafted in an alternative metal sound akin to the type [of music] that made me who I am musically, irrefutable proof that real music is still alive. So as soon as the song was put online, I bought it. From there, I’ve played it on my radio show, so other people can listen to what happens when a musician pours everything into their craft. Rear Naked Choke is going to be huge someday, mark my words. -Ethan “Renegade” Anderson, Host of “Drag the Waters” on CKDU 88.1, Halifax”