ReaGan Smash / Press

““To Your Kees” is a hard driving metal song that grabs you from the first note and serves up some great guitar work. Their sound is way beyond what most young bands can achieve in just a few years together. This song will become a classic in the ReaGan Smash catalog.”

“ “Lots of bands today focus on mimicking other popular bands,” said local musician Holden Pederson, guitarist for Orlando band ReaGan Smash, “while we just try to be ourselves and don’t primarily try to sound like other bands.””

““Bruises and whiplash,” said local musician Brandon Bassett, lead vocals and bass in Orlando band ReaGan Smash, in response to what he wants fans to get from the band’s music. “Seriously I just want them to say ‘wow that is some good stuff. These guys know what they are doing.’””