Ready, Steady... Torpedo! / Press

“Ready, Steady… Torpedo! has been launching its brand of straight-running, low-budget rock on Massachusetts’ underground audiences for the best part of two years. Their loyal and dedicated fan base describes them as “the most rad band ever” and while this may be a case of overhyped bravado, the band’s high velocity breakneck style takes no prisoners. The Wrath to Come is a taster of what their forthcoming full-length has to offer, and is very much a punk record in attitude, containing furious blues-based garage and bludgeoning riffs. ‘What’s Up, Dr. Faustus’ and ‘Opening Prayer’ drives through lo-fi power-punk chords, while ‘Finish Line’ detracts from the rebellion, opting instead for intricate-laced rhythms. The quartet’s early self-propelled vision is explosive. ”

“I was hoping I would find a shot of these dudes online getting some serious air to include in the PUNK JUMPS section, but I did not come across anything , so I’ll try to keep this short…as always…Found out about these guys via the late MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION who claim that these guys are their “cousin band.”What can I say except that I’ll always be a sucker for a catchy/high-energy punk rock tune and these guys offer just that over and over again. Every song on their latest, “Apocalyptic Ballads” is an anthem with sing-along choruses, driving riffs and enough melody to rival early Misfits…Ya know, back when they were a band not a clothing company (and before I was born, so what I know anyway). While Ready Steady Torpedo leave the horror business to the fits, they do deliver the occasional WOAH OH OH, tastefully.”