Ready Never / Press

"In early January, the Los Angeles based electro-pop band Ready Never released their debut album 'Eleutherophobia', and since then, has been basking in the success of their catchy tunes and work."

“I think “Casualties” may be my favorite with “Take That Pill” coming in as a close second. Rounding out the top three is “Assistant Press Play“. I feel like this song will and does work better live. This would be the one track that reminds me of groups like Daft Punk. This isn’t at all a bad thing considering how they cleaned up at this year’s Grammy Awards.”

"While the studio album is full of intoxicating singles, the duo thrive in a live setting. Their songs become immense as Ready Never combine live drumming and bass with a state-of the art triggering system to give the band full control over their live sound."

"The video [song] is called 'Take that Pill', and the band is Ready Never, the song is as addictive as the pills it sings about."

“(Translated from Spanish) "Assistant Press Play, the song that in only 2 weeks has reached 900 thousand views on YouTube, is the first music video released by Ready Never" (Quoted from Article) "Assistant press play, canción que en sólo dos semanas ha sido vista más de 900 mil veces, es la primera lanzada por Ready Never"”

"Estos músicos artistas traen un mensaje de pasarlo bien riéndose de sí mismos, pero siendo serios con sus ideales musicales. Ready Never viene de que todos somos muy distraídos. 'Usamos melodías y armonías, letras e imágenes que simbolizan como metáforas el circo artificial que es nuestra cultura hoy en día', señala Beny Ed."