"... the drums pound with a furious go-go swing."

“Are you ready to have a song stick in your head for several hours or possibly days? I hope so, because I have a feeling you'll find "I Love Lamp" by RDGLDGRN super-catchy.”

“A perfect guitar riff paired with lyrics that beg to be sung along with: “I Love Lamp” has got it all.”

“Lately, the band has been picking up momentum with doing shows at SXSW and as well as travel internationally. In the times of the new age renaissance here in the Washington DC area their colorful presence is mandatory.”

"With favorable reviews in The Washington Post and Washington City Paper, three albums and a fourth on the way, the group is gaining recognition and has already made the leap from opening band to headliner."

“The Reston outfit proves that ’90s nostalgia isn’t just for aging Pavement fans with this affectionate hip-pop take on Semisonic’s Closing Time.”

“The five-minute song, which showcases Red’s fluid guitar work, is all about the unification and support. Gold, assisted by the ever popular Auto-tune, sings about the unwavering support he receives from a high-school flame, while Blue—the band’s drummer—rhymes about a woman struggling to find her own color.”

“Through their unique blend of pop, rock and hip hop they reject the “false mental image” of themselves bred by society in order to unlock their collective raw creative power. What they’ve found is something special.”

“What I can say is that its good fuc*kin music, so don't sleep on it.”