RB STONE / Press

“Roland Bennett Stone, Jr., has lived the dreams of many a young man. He's led the "cowboy life," ridin' and ropin' and bustin' broncs on "the circuit," as well as leading the life of a bluesman, with some fifteen Americana albums under his belt. A fantastic singer, composer, guitar and harp player, RB has just released "Lonesome Traveler's Blues," where he puts his perspectives on life and love to music, with ten smokin' originals that will have you wantin' more when it's over. Take "Born Into The Blues," for example. The story of a man who "comes from a long line of sad news" features stinging guitar from Billy Crain. RB's whisky-soaked baritone fuels the autobiographical title cut where he laments "I'm a long way from home..where I'm at, I'm not known."”

“RB STONE/Lonesome Traveler’s Blues: This is certainly the kind of record you would buy from an artist’s merch table after a club gig. Stone seems like the kind of cat that puts on a smoking blues/rock show and that energy traverses to record better than many others in the same situation. Keeping his sound free, easy and accessible, it was made to be enjoyed with some beer and bbq while the good times are flowing around you. There’s a lot of sly influences tucked into his music and he seems to instinctively know how to roll it all into something that keeps you coming back for more. Stone is an entertainer that knows which end is up. This is a load of fun.”