“Razteria is a marvel of roots, conscious message, alma latina , femenina genuina, and musicality .. With each spin, the recording draws you in deeper .. intimate, rhythmic listening … Corey Mason worldoneradio+festival”

Corey Mason - worldoneradio+festival

“Latin roots, reggae riddims, activist intent and strong female vocals coalesce on Renee Asteria’s rockin’ new release RazteRia (Asteria Records). Drawing inspiration from all over the world Renee pulls disparate fragments from the air, the seas, the trees and the breeze and puts them to work in the human environment with intuitive intent and elusive ease. Standout tracks include ‘Work It,’ ‘Soul’ and the effervescent ‘Rain.’ Using her heart like a guidance system and her voice as a tuning fork she confronts real life issues on ‘2 Faced,’ ‘Illegal,’ ‘Soul’ and ‘Risk’ (presented in two mixes) and leaves you longing for more with ‘La Baja.’ The result is soulful, rock-solid and recommended. ”

“Razteria is an album infused with messages of justice, love and political awareness, maneuvered into brilliant lyrics, layered over uplifting Reggae beats, in which Asteria’s vocals are heavenly and infectious. Originally attracted to Reggae because of its powerful forces and its overall unifying effect on the crowds, Asteria sees it as the best platform for sending out strong messages that she hold close to her heart. Razteria is a musical utopia as seen through the artist’s eyes. With nine full length tracks, Razteria has something for everyone.”

“This past year Latin Reggae sensation Renee Asteria released her album RazteRia; an exciting twist on traditional reggae with tracks radiating activism. In the album, Asteria explores Reggae, Folk-rock and Latin musical genres to convey powerful messages about social issues ranging from safe sex to illegal immigration. With such important messages, it is a miracle this is reggae you will actually understand! All of the songs on the album make some of the most controversial issues like AIDS and illegal immigration alive and allow listeners to analyze their opinions while listening to great, soothing music. If that's not progressive, what is?”

“R.A.Z. : remise à zéro, nouveau départ pour Renée Asteria Ou bien Razteria, un raz de marée de Renée Asteria ?? … Quoiqu’il en soit, ce nouvel album est nettement orienté reggae à la différence du précédent, Faces of Agent Double E, qui lui, comportait des morceaux rock ainsi qu’une chanson acoustique. L’ennui ne s’installe pas pour autant tant les sonorités présentées ici sont diverses. Soit du reggae roots, uptempo, fusionnel, dancehall ou bien encore mystique. Avec toutes ces différentes ambiances et la manière dont elles sont mixées, cet album peut toucher bien plus qu’un amateur de reggae. Et puis l’attrait majeur reste tout de même la voix de Renée, une voix chaude, sensuelle, profonde et juste. Un timbre féminin original dans l’univers du reggae. Un autre très bon point, tous les morceaux ici sont des originaux, de vraies compositions. (...)”

“ “Musically adventurous, lyrically innovative and politically activist, Renée Asteria brings her unique approach to reggae to the world on "Faces of Agent Double E" - a one of the kind breaking of all the rules to the utter delight of the listener.” ”

“Backed by a tight studio band, Renée Asteria delves into an almost psychedelic prog-folk mixture that dials in Latin rock, reggae, tropicalia and other influences.”