Raz Simone / Press

“Next week Raz Simone will be dropping one of the best projects of 2013 – “Solomon Samuel Simone” – and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you. He released the trailer for it, and it shows you a side of him that I guarantee you haven’t seen before. Macklemore put Seattle on the mainstream map again, and Raz will be next to follow. Check out his recent releases on GMAD here, follow him on Twitter, and come back next week for the tape! Enjoy.”

““Cold” was the first single for Raz Simone’s EP Solomon Samuel Simone and boy did it set the bar high. I’ve been an avid listener of young Razpy’s music for a good year now, but it wasn’t until this particular song that his brilliance really hit me. And I mean hit me. It was a 16-wheeler of pure emotion and raw lyricism being plowed in to me. Where other up-and-comers neglect to express their plights and struggles on a track, Raz embraces his. Sure, he’ll give himself some deserved “stuntin’ time” but when Raz hits the booth I can only imagine an atmosphere of pure concentration and endless energy. I will warn each and everyone of you right now: Solomon Samuel Simone is not a typical blog-posted mixtape. There are no crazy party tracks or even any ‘Top-40′-poppy sounding records, instead, the project is filled with the personal accounts of Mr. Simone’s life. Told to with a beautiful soul-infused, self produced backdrop.”

“On his latest single, Sometimes I Don’t, emcee Raz Simone broadcasts a few things that he does and does not do. One item that could be placed in the later category is the creation of wack songs, because so far, the Seattle native is batting 1.000 on his growing library of Booth features. Though the record is off his forthcoming solo project, Solomon Samuel Simone EP, Raz still brings along a familiar face in Sam Lachow. The pair, who have shown their lighter side on Good Reasons, get a bit more thoughtful on the dense Sometimes. Kicking off the track is Raz, who engages listeners with his pensive, raspy flow as he discusses the dangers of both riding dirty and clean. Lachow rounds out the record, gracing the emotional boardwork from Nima Skeemz with a guest 16 that circles around the questions that he is forced to answer on his rise to the top. For more genuine Hip-Hop be sure to download Raz’ forthcoming EP, out March 19”

“Originally peaking our attention with the lead-off single “Cold”, the Seattle baritone spitter Raz Simone, will look to furthermore lock us into his music with the release of his free new EP today. With the smooth offerings of “Good Run” & “Sometimes I Don’t” (posted below), we have no doubts whatsoever that you’are going to want to DL the rest of this EP HERE.”

“Raz Simone’s solo debut EP, Solomon Samuel Simone, has arrived. The Seattle native displays a great sense of song writing mixed in with some depth and emotion, as seen on “Sometimes I Don’t” and “These Kids Throw Rocks.” For his EP, he doesn’t leave room for filler material delivering five great records with production from Elan Wright, Nima Skeemz, Antwon Vinson and himself.”