Ray Ray Star / Press

“One bad ass sound, dude! If The Cult and Lenny Kravitz had a love child... Truly great rock 'n roll, my friend.”

Robert Alan Rife - Reverbnation Artist

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your release, by the way! I don't always get to write about music I enjoy, but I love your sound. It's got all the best traits of the Bon Jovi days, and the sharper, more shredding edge of the more modern tone. A really good single! I'm surprised it wasn't released with a full-length LP.”

“Finally, a band bringing back some great rock n roll! You guys are fucking great!!”

Todd B - Reverbnation Artist

“Awesome, just awesome”

Milhaus - Reverbnation Artist

“Thanks for being my fan ! Loved 3 of your songs + video. Perfect harmonizing vocals, professional video, fusion of style. Perfection !”

Tronik World - Reverbnation Artist

“Falling For Scarlet took the stage with a fury of rock! The lead guitarist (Ray Ray Star) rocked out so hard and played great! The band as a whole had a great marketable sound and look.”

“Whoa man. There are times I wish I could play your style of power music. At 62, I'd be deaf and happy if I did. Great sound Ray. Thanks.”

Percolator John - Reverbnation Artist

“I love it! True rock and roll, excellent !!! Great sound quality and musicianship.”

Ross McCullock - Reverbnation Artist

“Cool vocals, songs, guitar, killer mix, and TONE! Continued success, LuckyJack”

Lucky Jack - Reverbnation Artist

“dam nice opening to whatever it was that came up!!! no shit...rock on rock star! i wanted to be a rock star. now? hmmm, just wishin to sing!”

dowdstreetgrooveworks - Reverbnation Artist

“Hi Ray Ray ! Thanks for become friend ! I really like your music and your attitude ! YOU ROCK MAN ! Keep it up! JAI HO !!”

Andrei Curatureanu - Reverbnation Artist

“Really dig I'm Feelin'....excellent song. Rock on. Thanks again...”

Kevin Scholl - Reverbnation Artist

“Great tone, Ray! There's nothing I like more than a high gain wah pedal solo.”

The Red Wolf Conspiracy - Reverbnation Artist

"Feelin" is really cool. Keep it coming.

Randy's Scratchpad - Reverbnation Artist

“Your good man, you can jam. I enjoyed your song Feelin. Keep on Rocking and Rolling”

Nino POe - Reverbnation Artist

“I like it Ray Ray, its what I call real music!”

Mechanics of the Mind - Reverbnation Artist

“Great song and video for Feelin'!”

Hell at the Union Hall - Reverbnation Artist

“Call me crazy but I'm hearing Montrose right now. John Mac”

John Mac and the Moraggots - Reverbnation Artist

“Hi Ray Ray. Had to turn it up for you! #8 on the charts? What?!! That music deserves the top spot!!”

Michael Burk - Reverbnation Artist

“Great music man, I really like your style solid work!”

King Tiger - Reverbnation Artist


MC. Walt B - Reverbnation Artist

“Just wanted to say your music ROCKS...I mean it kicks ass.....your production "Feelin" is off chart”

Roy J - Reverbnation Artist

“I'm glad to see a rock band with a fantastic, melodic vocalist who can really sing! Great songs - great sound!”

Lori Lawson - Reverbnation Artist

“Fellin' is awesome! Great music, hopefully we get to do a show together some day!”

Reverbnation Artist - Sherry Drive

“Hi RRS, Great Guitar wall of sound. Really Big. Thanks and fanning you back.”

Philosopherandscientist - Reverbnation Artist

“Hello Ray Ray Star! Stopped by and liked your page. 'Feelin' kicks ass all the way around!!”

Don't Yell Fire - Reverbnation Artist

“Yes - absolutely, yes - not only Deep Purple but, a little Rick Derringer - great stuff”

David P. Reinen - Reverbnation Artist

“Thanks for checking in, Nice solid ROCK with your own flava of soulful blues mixed in. Like it. Keep it UP, Rock On. Peace out.”

Brent Zen - Reverbnation Artist

“Sounds good. Has a hint of one of my favorite classic bands The Cult. I like the hook. Great energy.”

Wintersgrey - Reverbnation Artist

“Awesome sound!! Real rock n roll, no fluff, no vanilla..Yesss. I'm a REAL fan of this vibe. I'm going to share and recommend Ray Ray Star!!”

DLM (Derrick Lionel Matthews - Reverbnation Artist

“You have an awesome sound brother...I got goosebumps listening to it...cheers man.”

nemmy - Reverbnation Artist

“Behind The Sun IS AWESOME MAN!!!”

Danny "X" - Reverbnation Artist

“Great Stuff; love the production value ... good riffs ... Nice!”

Mitchell Solkov and Van Solkov - Reverbnation Artist

“Killer vocals...Great stuff !!! keep it comin !!!”

Swamphammer - Reverbnation Artist

“nice, rock with a bite!”

Rabbit with a Habbit - Reverbnation Artist

“Realy great stuff You make my fafourite sound exzelent vocal it is a hono for me you fan me thanks”

Andreas Jochim - Reverbnation Artist

“Diggin the music sounds good man keep up the good work !”

Jwood - Reverbnation Artist

“Oh my rockness! you guys kick ass! I feel power and it feels good! keep rocking! ”

Graves End - Reverbnation Artist

“Thanks for your support!!! You Guys Rock.............................!!!!!!!!! Love to cath you live! Awesome........... Keep Rock'N”

JETTLAGG - Reverbnation Artist

“thank you for your support!! great sound!!..... great trax!!... great vocals!!... brilliant work bro!!...good vibe here!! keep up the good work!!! peace and love to you with much success.... & with many many listeners!! daniel”

mix 10 Audio - Reverbnation Artist

“Man this is an amazing record so far. You remind me of one of my favorite groups " Stone Temple Pilots" I will make sure to help you spread your music. Thanks for becoming a fan of the Sunz and TRUST me homie you got us as fans.”

Sunz of Babylon - Reverbnation Artist

“That's what I'm talking about! Love your work. Honored to have you as a fan! -Randy”

Sonic Impetus - Reverbnation Artist

“Your tunes sound great! Especially liked "Behind the sun" rockin tune, great vocal range!”