Ray Lambo / Press

“u getting hotter with each new track! i'm luvin it! ”


“What's up wit cha homie? Mr.407 got ya on the radar,when I get up that way we need to get together and do something! ”


“Release your album damn!!! LOL I'm so going to buy your ish as soon as it's out this is hot! TheOriginalLexicon”


“What's crazy though is I can tell this nigga ain't even tryin LOL he make this shit look easy. That's a sign of greatness my nigga, I see you at the top homie I see you gettin that show money for real”


“Damn... I don't think I've heard a bad track from you yet. I haven't heard a single YouTube emcee coming off that well this consistently. Most start out fresh and get incredibly weak later on. If this is just a drill, I could hardly begin to imagine or comprehend what an actual combat scenario on the microphone would be like for you. I already know that would sure be bloody for your competitor(s), though. Thumbs WAY up, and best wishes for you to keep rhyming and getting lyrically better ”

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