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“So Good You Have To Whisper: Dead relationships; we've all been there. While shameful to admit, we've all found ourselves wasting our time on someone we once thought highly of to only be left drained of our energy and essence. But what keeps us in these dead end situations? What leaves us struggling between staying or leaving? Artist, Raye 6 explores the answer in her new video for "Lifted Sand". On top of the combination of visually haunting but still scenery and subtly, honest lyrics, the fact that the whole video was filmed on an iPhone 5S is really the icing on the mind-fuck cake. Yes, an iPhone.”

“Written and composed in the beautiful countryside of Derby, "Lifted Sand", the infectious esoteric musical piece poses a few questions "who do you love/who do you trust/is there a fire/burning me up?" The poetic chorus "lifted on a faded grain of sand" is a description of love so faded the only thing left holding it up is a grain of sand.”

“was in the media riser photographing the Tracy Reese runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week when I spotted Brooklyn based singer “Raye6” in the audience. From her serious pompadour, you can imagine that she was not easy to miss. After the show, I quickly packed my camera so that I could get a quick photo up close & personal. As she made her way outdoors, all kinds of cameras were whipped out. I actually watched a camera team interview her about her look etc. She broke it down from head to toe. It was fun to observe & I enjoyed how she batted her flirty eyes with those super lashes. So of course, when I got back to my room, I did some Googling & found some great photos & good music of Raye6. Looks like she is really doing her thing on the New York scene!”

“Tracy Reese presented a Spring collection yesterday that would make any gal swoon. Sweet sundresses, voluminous tunics, flirty swimsuits, ladylike parasols and a healthy dose of sexy thanks to a few transparent pieces. Attended by Beverly Johnson, Angela Basett, Raye 6, June Ambrose and more. Click the link to view photo's of Raye 6 & Beverly Johnson”

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BROOKLYN, NY—AUGUST 2, 2011—The Brooklyn-based international singer-songwriter, Raye 6, dubbed the “woman with hurricane vocals” presents “Misstery” – the second single off her forthcoming debut album Universal Lover. In an age where original music is virtually a thing of the past; “Misstery” offers listeners a powerful love ballad featuring sample-less original production by renowned producer and guitarist Chris Sholar best known for his work with Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Snoop to name a few. Initially debuted during her enigmatic performance at the 2011 Out Music awards just this past May at LiveNation's Irving Plaza, “Misstery” showcases the songstress’ dynamic vocal talent and chills to the core. Raye 6 offers her listeners what she believes to be a future classic, “I know this track has potential to be a great classic right up there with the Aretha’s and Stephanie Mills’. It has that timeless appeal…””

“Raye 6, a larger-than-life female solo artist who has collaborated with the likes of Ghostface Killah and Joe Budden, but who is visually more Prince than Prince Rakeem, with costumes that would be at home at most hallucinogen- fueled trance raves. Her live performance promises to be one of the most interesting of the night as she combines a psychedelic brand of R&B with a sexually charged stage persona that reinvents the "girl power" message in an R-rated context.”

“Who wouldn't want to get their fancy tickled up by hot girls blowing bubbles and wearing spandex during a live performance? I recently came across Raye 6 after seeing her perform at an event in Brooklyn and became obsessed by the way she instantly seduced the audience-- 1) with her unapologetically flashy spandex outfit complemented with dancers (also wearing spandex) blowing bubbles around her, 2) this funky blonde and black fro-hawk, 3) thigh and boobie tattoos, 4) ummm, her sultry power house voice, and 5) I had never seen anything like her before...and I've seen a fucking lot.”

“Grammy-status: RAYE 6's debut album UNIVERSAL LOVER.”

“Raye 6 attends the 2010 MTV Movie Awards”

“In the Land of Make Believe, every single human being would feel comfortable in their skin. We would accept our flaws, our imperfections and show appreciation for what we uniquely offer the universe. Every so often, the music industry presents the world with a unique artist—a new sound, or maybe even, just a real person. These people are defined as real artists, who just so happen to know what “art” is. ”

“Wave of Girl Power Raye 6 - Compared to a Prince protege, this woman exudes sexuality with a non-conformist, independent attitude that the Purple One’s counterparts lacked.....”

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (New York, NY April 1, 2009) Loft Boys Media announces L.I.P.S. the debut project of Producer Singer-Songwriter known as – Raye 6. ”

"Many have wondered and some have fantasized what a female version of Prince would be like, even Prince tried to create his female prototype but as dope as Sheena Easton was and as sexy as Vanity 6 may have been they all lived in the shadow of their creator so I introduce to you Raye 6..

“My homie Asia who put me on to this woman asked me is she gay because she loves her. Well I’m not a woman and I’m in love. Her music is sick too! Seriously if you don’t feel this then you need help. Black Rock baby!......”