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“Wonder whats been up with the local band Signal Of Siolence? After months of waiting and wondering when the next song or album is coming the word has finally come. Ray Caldwell talked with us about what has been going on behind the locked doors. "I'm not giving in or quitting. I have been taking some time off and spending time with my kids. I do have a lot of new songs that will be coming out after all I made a promise to my fans that I wont give up and that is one promise I never wanna break." Ray Caldwell said during a one on one interview Monday morning May 20, 2013. The excitement is building for the new album titled After The Walls Fall release date not yet set. Ray gave us the pleasure of hearing one of the finished songs for the new album. When we looked back to his first album then his latest released album Rival Memories and compared the jump in skill and detail. Lets leave it at you thought he was good before your going to love him more then ever before.”

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“Signal Of Siolence lead man Ray Caldwell was found to be more interesting then we thought. We first noticed him show up on Facebook then again on myspace. It seemed as tho he was just starting out but in reality he has been active since 1997. This got us to set out and see just what Signal Of Siolence was all about. What we found was a new breed of talent and musical know how. After our investigation we agree Signal Of Siolence is without question one to watch.”

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"Signal Of Siolence may be out of the normal. When we heard them we never exspected to hear guitars used in a way that stands out so strong. After hearing the tracks for the new album we cant help but wonder how they do it. Ray Caldwell has began a new concept in music." S.I.R.S. "After hearing S.O.S. I fell in love with how they make the guitars blend with solos and parts of the songs just blow me away." Rhonda "We are proud of Ray! He took his skill and made a name for himself in music. He may have left Kansas but that dont mean we gotta leave him. Kansas fans of Signal Of Siolence for life." Kansas Fan Club

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"Signal Of Siolence gaining momentum!! Not just in fans but also in the charts. The man behind the music Ray Caldwell has shown he definitely is not backing or slowing down."

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“The Release of My Turn by Signal Of Siolence has been finalized as of 12/08/12 at reverbnation.com/raycaldwell in the on site store. Other items are also available with more to show up soon. MP3's, Shirts and the album all designed by the only member in the group Ray Caldwell. Songs coming up in the new album have already started bringing out some heavy talent that has not been seen before. SOS has been known to be a one man show well not any more.... Melissa Graves joined the rising artist on his new album when she performed her debut in a remix of SOS,s song I Could Never. No word weather or not this is a one time or permanent event. Melissa stated " It was fun but took a long time. When we finished the song all I wanted to do was go to bed.". Along with all the advancements made by SOS the fun just keeps coming. SOS is now on Myspace and Facebook thanks to John Rose of Burleson Texas who works with SOS to keep updates current. Looks like this is a band to watch very close.”

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“Vidio For Whipeout Rider Tribute Is NOW AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE.COM”

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