RAW / Press

“Rapper/producer/engineer Raw who is also the co-owner of Bricklayer Records is currently readying his debut album entitled "This Iz What I Do", set to drop later this year. The project will include features from Rampage (of Flip Mode Squad), the legendary DJ Ron G, Shea Rose (of Boston) and many more. The Boston based artist follows his single "Come On" and the video for the anthem-like "Salute" (below) featuring Rampage & DJ Ron G with his next leak from the aforementioned album. The single "So Sweet", which is produced by RAW himself includes a catchy hook with cross-over potential. RAW will also be starring in an up-and-coming movie titled "Blood Line". Stay tuned for more info.”

“RAW RELEASES HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED SINGLE “SALUTE” Bricklayer Records recording artist RAW releases his single ”SALUTE”, feat. Rampage and Legendary DJ Ron G. Boston MA. March 13, 2012 – Pianist, producer, businessman, engineer, songwriter and rapper RAW is an anomaly. He is known and respected for his razor sharp flow and mind-blowing beats from L.A. to Atlanta, New York to Houston, New England to Chicago, and all the way to Europe. "Salute is about us out here saluting each other instead of capitalizing on what the obvious is in the hood, which seems to be the crime rate blowing up. We are out here saluting each other, so when one of my people’s does something good I salute them”. “That is what the track is about, us helping each other and sticking together and showing love to each other”, proclaims RAW. ”