“.Another young,energetic & AWESOME band!!! Congratulations guys! you are really good ..;) xxx”

Orianthi Panagaris - Rock music Artist .‎

“Those cats can Rock!!!”

Eddie Mendoza - Aury Moore Band

“What a great surprise!!!! You guys ROCKED the house tonight.... really glad I was lucky enough to catch it - and you can guarantee I'll be seeing you again!”

Kristi Grosvenor-Fan

“The band’s popularity is growing as a result of their shift in direction.”

John Larson - Tacoma Weekiy

“Angel your vocals were GREAT and the Band was AWESOME!! Was a GREAT PERFORMANCE & TIME!!!”

Rose Hernandez -Fan

“wow..... totally rocked!! Looking forward to seeing you guys again!!”

Kerri Cappa-Fan

“Those guys have some serious sound that can just rock the crowd .”

Jamie Card- Fan

“McPherson’s vocals could easily be mistaken for Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson.”

Angela Jossy - Tacoma weekly volcano

“This band fucking ROCKS. I worked 8 days in a row just to get the night off to go see them-- 'nuff said?? Keep it up ya'll!!!”

Fan - Annie Scanlon

“Man i love this band so effin much you guys need to keep up the good work !!!”

Chris Stoffy-Fan

“The talent put out by this band is going to keep them rising to the top, go to the next show, they are DEFINITELY a band to watch...”

Cynthia Landry : Facebook Reveiw

“Nick's solo's are dazzling and Devon really brings the funk.”

Jeff Kern : Fan

“This band is headed in the right direction.”

Angela Jossy - Tacoma weekly volcano

“Awesome sound, lots of energy.”

Matthew Brougher : Fan

“Angel what can I say? The best vocalist and the best front man I've ever seen by far.”

Jeff Kern : Fan

“MacGougan is now throwing some funk elements into his bass playing,”

John Larson - Tacoma Weekiy

“Raven's Rant, just loves to tear it up onstage...and for lead singer and showman Angel McPherson, He really knows how to strut his talented stuff all over that place! If you haven't seen them yet, make it a point to soon. This band is gonna climb skyward!”

Cynthia Landry : Facebook Reveiw

“You guys are amazing !!!”

Laura Jackson Ducolon : Fan

“With singer Angel McPherson it seemed there was a rocker waiting to break out on stage.Sure enough there was.”

John Larson - Tacoma Weekiy

“Feed On Emotion ROCKS~! your band is awesome”

Nancy Lee Goforth : Fan

“These boys really know how to put on a show.”

Jeff Kern : Fan

“Got to give it up for this great band!!!”

Joseph Kelly : Fan