Ravenage / Press

“You'll never see a local band quite like Ravenage before, that I can guarantee. Not only have the mastered the art of theatrics by looking and acting like they have stepped straight out of a time machine, but they are also the masters of Epic Melodic Death Metal with Folk influences with a discography that includes such awesome songs as Shieldwalls Collide.”

Denim and Leather: Metal Magazine

"I really like Ravenage!"

Martin Walkyier, Sabbat, The Clan Destined, Ex-Skyclad

"Fans of Amon Amarth, Bathory and many more fans of this style would really enjoy their music, a good band and well worth hearing."

Jason Brown, Friday 13th Metalzine

"Vocally and thematically the band is very strong and you can tell they've put a lot of forethought and research into what they’re singing about which much be praised."

I.M. Badger, UKMetalUnderground.com

"Despite their ups and downs, Ravenage are developing into a first-rate band with a fine blend of Saga-telling and Northern grit - they produce some epic folk metal!"

Kevin Ridley, Skyclad