Ravello / Press

“Ravello stuck out, mainly for being the most bombastic. These guys didn't have their sights set just on playing Bonnaroo ... they were gunning for a slot on the main stage, baby. This very-well-equipped quartet struck us as a throwback to the Movement Nashville days — what AutoVaughn would have sounded like if they had toted around 36-inch pedalboards and drug huge, rack-mounted amp heads and effects processors. Imagine kids with Belmont chops playing garden-variety modern arena rock and you get the picture. We spotted a clutch of smokin' hot blondes in designer dresses carrying huge Prada bags right in front of the stage as Ravello played. They were earnestly swaying in between sips of vodka tonics. So there ya go.”

“With soaring voices and precise guitar lines, Ravello proved to be my favorite surprise of the night. I’m hesitant to ever describe a band’s performance as “beautiful,” but the synchronicity in their stage presence and sound was just that: an aesthetic coaxing of your senses. Each member of the four-piece band proved to be a master of his instrument, and featured impeccable vocal harmonies; their chemistry is beyond satisfying, it is inclusive and engaging.”

“Slick, but unrefined. Brash, yet cordial. Glossy, not arrogant. Ravello is not your typical Nashville band, ladies and gentleman. No sir, these boys seem to be a bit more than what waltzes in between the refines of the downtown street corners. Lead singer, Justin DeRosa, leads a band of brothers with catechisms reminiscent of things only heard in close quarters between two people. Love...heartache...the never-ending war of the two, battling it out. And these guys win. Their anthemic guitar-ridden songs will carry you as far as you can go, perhaps, even further. Be a cool kid and get your fill of these fellas now, before you're singing along to them with a thousand of your best friends at Madison Square Garden.”

"...The combination of soaring vocals and near perfect guitar melodies pole vault this group immediately to my favorites playlist. The release of their new Asperatus EP has proven that this relatively new group is ready for the "not so forgiving" Nashville music scene..."