RAUSHI / Press

“Opening the night was Raushi. If you have not heard of this Rock/Pop band you are missing quite the show. Fronted by the crazy hot Dani Raushi who melts you with her vocals as well as her smoking hot abs, she is backed up by Jack Sin (guitar), Brett Bakman (guitar), Niles Abel (drums), and Beau Ashley (bass). This band is burning up stages on the local SoCal Scene. “High Tides Collide”, the album the band just puts out defines who the band is. The songs, the sound, the trials and the accomplishments are all wrapped up in the 11 song disc. They were a great band to start the night and get the fans moving from the back onto the floor. Take a listen to them and you will know why they were asked to play this show.”

“Raushi is in a league of their own. They have a sound that is an eclectic rocker. They show no fear as they belt out each song with confidence and style. Each tune is well received and makes you eager to here what is next. The music is a mental work out. It cuts deep into your psyche leaving your emotions exposed. Dani has a knack for being soft with an abrasive edge. They are taking music to a whole new level with their latest release, “High Tides Collide”. I see a promising future for this band and count the days until all their dreams become a reality. They have every right to have high hopes. With a talent like theirs, there is only one way to go, and that will lead them straight to the top. I hope they stay on track, because in my opinion success is inevitable. http://skopemag.com/2012/07/05/dani-raushi-high-tides-collide”

“From start to finish High Tides Collide from Dani Raushi is a rock solid musical production from start to finish. It’s an extremely consistent, catchy, and highly melodic 11 songs catalog. Its strength - it’s just a blast to listen to with songs that are extremely catchy, marketable and passionate. The music will grab the listener refusing to let go. All in all Dani Raushi combine amazing songwriting with top flight musicianship and entertaining songs that will have you wanting more once the High Tide returns again.”


"Lead singer, Dani Raushi, guides the way with the potential to become this generation's Blondie's Debbie Harry or No Doubt's Gwen Stefani. Much like those that came before, she follows in the tradition of front women exuding bone-crushing sexuality and confidence, fueled by the wrath and fury of hard edged women scorned.