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“Rauchenstein is on an unstoppable mission to fuse old school rock with modern, kick you in the balls, hard hitting ROCK. The sound and feeling of Rauchenstein's music hearkens back to an era when Rock bands delivered the goods . . . Masterful guitar laden rock, melodic vocals, chest thumping bass, and heavy-handed drums.”

“Fantastic hard rock band with great sounds indeed. Sounding like a cross between Ozzy and AC/DC these guys are just great to listen to. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is both old school hard rock with modern sounds mixed in.”

“The artist in this song has a lot of potential and I imagine that they could really make it big in the modern music industry. The singer has a very good vocal quality. The song is really well written. it's complex and beautiful. I feel that many people will appreciate and enjoy this song and all it has to offer to the modern music industry. It's a well composed and well written song with a lot of value. It's pretty and complex. I think that the emotional journey of the artist is very well expressed and reflected through the music. The song is very gnarly and congeal. It's a first-rate rock song that will appeal to a lot of people with it's intellectual lyrics and it's talented, intricate and boss drummer. The band also has a really ace guitarist.”

“Absolutely awesome mix of epic, melodic Hard Rock/Metal anthems, pulsating Guitar riffs & absolutely spine tingling Solos worthy of stadiums & I love the dark poetry, sense of soul searching & slight melancholy in Ur lyrics & melodies! I can defo hear the Metallica & G&R influences :) I especially enjoyed "Conspire" & "Out of Control;" finishing solo on that one was just sublime!”

“Fans will love the way the music keeps flooding the sensitive verses with a sharp and commanding volume. This space is a symbol that is pumping in hotter scale runs and trills. This sounds like old time hard rock with a mission and an unstoppable flush of solos that dance and fly with a fresh tone.”

“Your songs are mind blowing. The guitar riffs and melodies are addictive plus the band's musicianship is outstanding. The overall sound production is top notch as well.”

Ice Breaker - RN

“From the minute that this song starts, you can hear the electric guitar solo with the drums doing an amazing job, at giving the listener a little preview of what the song is going to be sounding like. The most important part of the whole song is how they started from a slow tempo, and then they went to a high tempo but they also just kept the song in the most amazing and calmed vibe, even though it is a rock metal song since the start of it.”

“The intro sounds very mysterious like a crime scene in detective film, this draws the audience in. You can tell the singer is very talented. The instrumental guitar solo is one of the best parts of the song.”

“Awesome instrumental intro, I actually love it. 40 seconds in I'm wondering why this isn't on my ipod. Oh.. Good band chemistry, perfect guitarists. I'm going to search up more music by this band, I already want to hear more”

“The vocalist is a high standard vocalist, the instrumentals are brilliant too!”

“The singer's emotion is not lacking, and also not overdone. One of the standouts of this music was that the length was rather upbeat. The song is something that I could listen to every day.”

“This song is well written and constructive. The artist is very talented. It's a funky and fun song with a lot of value in the modern music industry. The rhythm is slightly superfluous, but the instrumentalists have a real knack for music. It's a good song all together.”

“I like this song. The music is nice, the guitar in the song is nice to listen to. I like the singer's voice as well. It is a rock song that I would listen to. I like the guitar solos in this song. It is indeed the best part of this song.”

“Very nice intro, I find a lot of songs lack quality in the first 20 seconds. Not the case in this one. I love the conversion into the harder rock, and then into the vocals; which mix perfectly with the rest of the music. The lyrics are easy to understand, which saves a lot of frustration. A good balance between sounds.”

“The intro is very alluring and draws the listener in.”

“The intro to the song started off slow and methodical. The guitar picks up as does the volume which is a nice touch. The beat stays at a constant while the guitar ramps up in sound and then kicks off a bit more throughout the song. It reminded me of a classic heavy metal band sound. Lyrically, the song is pleasant and the singer has some good tones to his voice. The arrangement works well for the song. I like this and can see myself looking for other songs from this band.”

“I think the tone and sound of all the music is right on. It has a lot of rhythm. The lyrics fit perfectly with this kind of music.”

“I think the guitar is good, the lyrics or well thought out and the vocals are superb. this artist will definitely go very far as long as you keep up the good music. Love the riffs, music, and mastering. Job well done.”

“The song starts out slow and speeds up, with the rhythm becoming deeper and deeper. The climax ensues with a great amount of guitar use. The song is very heavy, creating a serious vibe. I get reminded of 80's rock right away.”

“Rocking intro, pretty epic tune, pretty damn awesome instrumental at the beginning. Vocal is alright and the lyrics could do with a little bit more but its a fairy decent song. Rocking intro though. The bit where two men singing is pretty phenomenal and the bit after with just the instrumentals.”

“The guitar in the introduction is dynamic and varied; it really gets me engaged in the song. The person playing the guitar is obviously very skilled. . . . The guitar is the main aspect which makes this song good, and the drums provide a good rhythm to the song. Overall it is a pretty good song.”

“I really enjoyed this song because it was admirable. The guitarists were adroit and very well cut out for being musicians. They must practice long and hard for such sterling results. I liked the singer's bull vocal quality and the rhetorical value of the antithesis in the lyrics. Overall, I'm very fond of this song.”

“i think that the instrumentals in the beginning make such a toe tapping beat that it is hard to ignore the balanced tempo of it. I think that the instrumentals are played with professionalism and carefulness. These make a beat that is filled with so much passion and love for music. The vocals are low and go perfectly with the beat and melody that is being produced. These lyrics are so authentic and real , so real that i think the artist has a real chance in this line of work.”

“This is a song that has a few larger and fast spins of guitar melodies that are opening up in the verses. That is why the song is able to crush and glide down into a blitz. This early start is one that is flushing hard and bold. The music has this intensity that I love in the start as the notes spin and fly with a certain flavor that is warm. The song does project this fast ripping power that is able to cut into the chorus. That is where the music is pumping out a force that becomes lively and energetic. The song does fire around and slice with an aggression that reaches higher levels. That is why the music takes on a sweep of notes that contain some hard pounding solos. This is the sort of tune with a blast of emotion that seems to stretch into the bridge with some tense drives of sound. The music does shift and bounce around octaves with a graceful and bright streak of energy. This is a song that I feel will hit the top hard rock radio lists with a tenacity that is exceptional.”

“The introduction is engaging, the listener is drawn in to the song and wants to hear more. There is obvious technical talent in the musicians, especially the lead guitarist. I can imagine years of practice have gone into their craft.”

“This song is very fun. Super upbeat. Fun to jam out to! I see a lot of people getting into this band and loving them. This is def radio ready. The instrumentals are beautiful. The guitar in this track is flawless. The vocalist's vocals are even more beautiful. The lyrics are so unique and out there. Grunge is definitely back in and they're doing it right. I love this track and this band! I want to see what else they have to offer right away!! A must listen to once and you'll not get enough type of song.”

“A very strong guitar riff, reminds me of a lot of classic rock and roll. It definitely takes me back to the time of classic rock. Amazing energy and I could definitely hear this being played on the radio!”

“Snappy short intro, you know what to expect from this tune as soon as your hear it. Nice work with the melody and breakdown. Kicks in well. Arrangement is nice. Riffs are good too. Nice vocals. Works very well. I would go see these live. Any-day yeah. Norway. or Switzerland or Germany or my home LONDON.”

“Sounds angry intro, goes on for a while but because it has verity of notes it sounds good. The vocalist is EXCTATIC he has the BEST voice I've heard so far. WOW he is brilliant. His voice really fits in with music being played. The instrumentals are also fab, can't fault them at all. WELL DONE GUYS”

“This song is a good one but only if you are a fan of the specific music style. The solo is excellent and has a lot of energy. The vocals are special and either you like them, either you despise them. Personally I think this song can make a difference and has something to say.”

“Nice processing effects on the guitars right from the gate. This is some serious playing & the the bass line compliments the arrangement very well. The attitude that this being sung in is very expressive & bright. The instruments are simple but nice and funky. The dynamic components sound very good as well. The lyrical content is a little bland but the energy makes up for it. the overall mix sounds very bolstered up and thick. The musical variations are will suited.”

“The introduction to this song is a very heavy metal style. It's a lot of fun just to jam out to. I especially love the bass player, as the electric guitarist shreds away the bass player establishes a more intricate and steady rhythm. Both musicians are very talented. As is the lead singer. The singer is a man with a very wide vocal range. This song reminds me of the classic rock ballads we all know and love. It takes me back to a better age in music. When guitarists were talented and songs had meaning. It's a very powerful, rebellious and empowering song with a lot of value. This song will appeal to a wide audience, not only those of us who long for classic rock but also rebellious teenagers.”

“I love the instrumental opening. It is done perfectly. It had me captivated from the start and wanting to know the story of it. The artist's voice is amazing. Reminds me of Aerosmith kind of. It is a good moshing song. I would see this artist in concert and jam out”

“If you are a fan of this kind of music then you will be very happy with the instrumental part of this song. It does showcase the ability of the band. The lyrics make you want to get up and grab your air guitar and play along while you sing. There is nothing wrong with the vocals. This is the right way to deliver this song. I do believe it could be a hit”

“I like the simplistic drum symbols start, and its steady background beat. The electrics guitar fits perfect with it. Your voice and music / instrumentals sound like a mix of ACDC and Blondie's One Way or Another, so very fantastic rock sound. Your voice is very strong and fits the sound of the guitar and vibe of the genre of rock. The tune and melody are very catchy, and the guitar rift is very talented”

“This is an awesome metal song. I love how the song starts out with a 4/4 countdown and catchy riff. The vocals remind me of ozzy Osborne. The guitars are well recorded, and show excellent signs of musicianship. The solo featured in the middle of the piece is amazing. The production utilizes the analog recording style giving the sonny a real raw edgy feel”

“Stimulating intro, and is very good for stirring the imagination, its a very compelling piece of music. All the pieces fit wonderfully. The guitarist is extremely profound towards the end. WOW my gosh, this is some fierce and feisty piece of music”

“This song is very smooth, I feel that people will really enjoy all that it has to offer. The instrumentalists are very talented, as is the vocalist. I think that the song will really benefit the modern music community. I feel that it's a very universalized song in that many people can find something to enjoy in this heavy alternative rock song. It's well written and hardcore. It's an awesome jam that plenty of people will love. For me, the electric guitar is the best part. I loved all the riffs and rhythms. Very intricate chord placement. It's a very expressionistic rock ballad”

“The opening beat is good. The beat overall is perfect. His voice is amazing. I feel this artist has some real potential. It is a good song. The song is relatable in my opinion. It is a good song. It is a very upbeat dance type of song. Can really get down with it.”

“This is a great grunge rock song. It reminds me of the band "Marylyn manson". The guitars are simple but it works well for the genre. The chorus is impressive, I love the lead guitar, it is very intricate. The drums and bass set a good foundation of rhythm in the instrumentation. Overall I really enjoyed this track”

“fiery, angry start. Got even angrier after few seconds but has the WOW factor, the vocalist is brill he has some voice there. How the heck he can hold a note that long I have no idea. Vocal very strong, love the variation of sound change. Lyrics are very good the whole song is epic.”

“The creator's message was shown through the melodies which were safe. The musical talent of the artist is quite clear through the quality vocals. The chorus is SO catchy and I want to listen to it every day of my life.”

“The introduction to this song is really great. I feel it properly prepares the audience for the rest of the song. it establishes the tone and mood. It's very outwardly open and good. It's got a headband rock style that will attract a wide range of audiences. It appeals to teenagers and young adults mostly with it's rebellious styles. I like the stylistic, expressionistic approach to this song. I feel that the song will be very lucrative for the artist. It uses a lot of rhetoric, instrumental value and polyphonic musical layering to create a very complete song. it's very unified.”

“I love the Disturbed feel this song has. The guitar riffs and breakdown really sent chills down my back and the fact that the drums aligned with the guitar riffs really made it worse! I like the vocalist and i love the lyrics! The guitar solo was soo sweet! Keep up the good work!”


“A calming introduction, beautifully done by the instrumentals, but then a surprisingly out of control lyrics but I like very much because I do sometimes feel out of control. Vocals are extremely passionate about the song which makes me feel the same. Beat is perfect. Love it!”

“This song is very good. The artist is very talented. The acoustics are great. I feel that the crescendos, the rising falling rhythms and the rhythmic variation really define the talent in this song. You can feel the energy so clearly. It's very evident how much time and energy went into this beautiful song. The singer is very talented. I love the expressionistic quality of this poetic narrative indie rock vertical song.”

“I love the instrumental in the beginning. It is a mysterious type of beat which is amazing. At first you don't really know which way the song is going to go. The artist has a good voice. Good dance beat. I would jam out to this song everyday. It is relatable”

“The gritty and fuzzy distorted feel in the chords began this with a noisy feel in the sound.The rawness in the music stood out here as well ,but vocally this sounded great ,the main singer sounded superb and real catchy melodies in the lyrics ,and for such a big guitar based sound ,the track still had a commercial quality in the music”

“The intro starts with a fun track that actually attracts my recognition all at once. The verse flowed riotously into the hook and also was gloomy. This was consistent and therefore pleasant. The vocals are comfortable and therefore natural as well as look qualified. The lyrics seem to be knotty as well as stream properly. The musical instruments used fit with one another extremely fine. They look bewildering as well as coherent. The is elegant while remaining set to an entertaining stride. It is simple to follow along to. The tune is enticing and in addition captivating. It flows successfully with the chords chosen. This has a exciting attribute making the instuments truly feel genuinely qualified and just magnificent. The harmony put into use is exceptional. It seems velvety and also splendid while staying effortless to focus on. The complete vibe within the track is fantastic and in addition elegant.”

“The riveting sounds propelling by the band into the introduction captured a dynamic beat. The vocalist propels his vocals in matching rhythm with that of the band in tempo and in synchronization. The alluring beat is consistent throughout the track. The rocking atmosphere that is radiated through the track is captivating. The chorus is precise in formality. The electric guitar solo adds a beneficial aspect to the track. The lyrics flow smoothly with fluid movement. The screams and shrieks of the usual rocking performances were lacking in this track. The solos of the electric guitar made up for that in a rocking volume and beat in tempo.”

“The introduction in charismatic with extensive use of drums and guitars. It has a rhythmic tone to is agility. The vocals are coarse and hard. But that is the style. The guitars are lovely to hear and tuned very well. The pitch of the track is good even if a little lo-fi small budget recording. The tone of vocals are warm, rich and ever lasting. The vocals are long and strong. The lyrics are nice and smart, they tell a story. Good work here, many people would enjoy listening to this track”

“this is a song that is very synchronized, very attractive and compelling. the instrumentals in this are prominent and deep with conviction, a real intoxicating sound. the singer in this brings a rugged intensity to this, a confidence in his singing, a voice that is full and easy. the lyrics to this are fresh and genuine”

“The style of this headband rock song is established by the instrumental qualities. The structure is dictated by how the singer sings, the involved instrumentals and the importance of each instrumental to the instrumentals. The singer has a very prominent role as well. Whereas the electric guitar is just there to express talent and highlight the moods and content. I think that the song is very meaningful. It's about the importance of honesty and the value of life. The singer has a very low vocal quality, which contributes to the style and feelings in the song. The usage of many different instruments is very unifying in this song. All the different key aspects really work together to create the overall, ambient effect.It's a great song and I think the artist deserves fame!”

“The piercing tone of lead guitar is suatined across a more sinister blend of chord work and bass.Tone wise this is gripping,compressed well also as a crunchy chugging rhythm dominates the groove.The singers slightly edgy menacing metal styled voice adds a credible classic metal sound to the mix,a little flat but expressive enough.I like the overdrive on the guitra,sounds really piercing,a cool signature tone of the band.The chugging action is quite crunchy as opposed to fast and blurry,great texture.This has that develish heay metal vibe about it volcay with the addded effect of pounding drum fills in between.”

“MusicEmissions featured artist”

“Rauchenstein - Guitar Center Contest Winner - On Stage With SLASH”

“Rauchenstein Live @ the Murat opening for SLASH and the Conspirators”