THE RATZ / Press

“Ratz "Rock On" to help People in Need”

"Great Musicians"

Sharon Hall - The Nugget

“The Ratz in the Attic recently won 10,000 for a song that keyboardist Charles Shearer wrote. The Idol Underground contest was not Shearer's alone: he is sharing the award with his bandmates, Jimbo Thornton, Gary "Hap" Doty and Eddie Gray.”

“NOT YOUR AVERAGE LOCAL BAND The sound they produce is crisp and clean, precise and clear, mixed well enough to hear the individual musiciansans whoever happens to be singing at the time. Ratz in the Attic is not your basic neighborhood band.”

Ross Hall - CNI News Service

“Rat pack rockin' American band Ratz in the Attic stop of in Crewe next week as part of their extensive UK tour. .... have come over not only to capture some new fans but to produce a new CD and film. ”

Leanne Cladon - The Chronicle / Crewe,England/

“ The Cavern Club, which bills itself as "The Most Famous Club In The World" is a former home venue of the Beatles Besides performing several times at the Cavern-- and recording their CD there, the Ratz played at several other well-known clubs in other English cities. ”

Clay Wilson - WCN.T Staff