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“Overall Blueprints Of A Paper City is a solid effort with a great relaxed atmosphere throughout. A lot of the songs on this record (Iowa, Animals Part II, Towns, and Valleys Part II) will be played a lot over the year...once again these guys have delivered with another solid album and well, see you next time guys.”

“This Santa Cruz band have excelled again by not only realising what they are best at but also by putting out an album which is cohesive from both a thematic and musical point of view.”

“Better than 90% of debut albums you'll hear”

“This indie-folk band proves that talent and age are two separate entities...Hat's off to you, Rat Trap.”

“Young bands can have a tendency to throw all their influences in to one big pot and hope that something good turns up but in the case of these Californian students, they prove to be skilful rather than lucky...Even though they describe themselves as an indie folk band, there’s so much more to Rat Trap than we may initially give them credit for. Infact, the further they stretch away from the modish folk surroundings, the more exciting they become.”

“The introduction of all the instruments is performed so effortlessly, to the point where the listener should ponder on how Rat Trap is only a year old...Overall, what we have here is a set of very solid tracks that make up for an excitingly fresh debut record. The variety of genres, and the way they easily bleed into one another in some songs, feels satisfying because it’s great to hear different for a change, and also to hear that Rat Trap have the confidence to stray outside of the box. Great stuff.”

“Like A Desert - Rising Tides #8 Song of 2011”

“On their debut release ‘The Western Boundary,’ the band Rat Trap takes a base of folk music and adds interesting new flavors with the end result being a sound that gets your attention.”

"It is an intriguing blend of indie rock, folk and even a bit of post rock. The results are melodic, catchy and have that little extra something that means the songs are insistently hanging around in your head long after you’ve finished listening. Good stuff!"

“Why exactly are the Pavement albums, which can be found in my possession, slowly but surely forming a rather thick layer of dust? Why don't I hear them anymore? And why has Stephen Malkmus never really shown some experimentation and for once, resorted to fiddles or banjos? Questions, questions a buzz through the mind when one hears Rat Trap - "pleasantly calm" that which I may come to exactly the right words when one is tired out chasing in music with the latest hype to have. Like! 8.5 out of 10!”

“Overall I’d say Rat Trap‘s “The Western Boundary” is a fantastic first release from a young band, and that I’m excited to see what they’re working on for their next album.”

“Einerseits erinnern mich Rat Trap an diverse Bands aus den 90ern (die Lemonheads zum Beispiel, Pavement oder die ganz frühen Weezer), aber andererseits kommt „The Western Boundary“ streckenweise auch ziemlich filigran und klug instrumentiert daher – siehe etwa das instrumentale Titelstück. Ein wenig fehlt mir bei der Platte zwar ein durchgängiger roter Faden, aber dafür, dass die Band seit noch nicht einmal einem Jahr in ihrer jetzigen Form existiert, ist „The Western Boundary“ wirklich ziemlich beachtlich ausgefallen. Könnte ich mir auch gut als Veröffentlichung auf SubPop vorstellen”

“Santa Cruz’s Rat Trap bring forth a sensible acoustic track peppered with joyful piano riffing on this track from their debut album The Western Boundary. While it can be easy to write off songs like this as “cookie-cutter” acoustic indie-pop, I think that would discredit a lot of what this track has going for it as a great spring listen with a lightheartedly catchy melody goin’ for it.”

“לפני שבוע נחת בתיבת הדואר שלי מייל מתורגם כל כך ברישול, שהתעוררה בי תקווה שמדובר בחברי הניגרי שהקשר עימו נותק לפני שגיליתי אם קיבל את הצ'קים שלי. אך מדובר היה בגרנט, מוזיקאי אמריקאי שעל פי גוגל תרגום הוא "מוסיקאי מסנטה קרוז, קליפורניה חמישית מלכודת של עכברוש הלהקה". הלהקה, כך מתברר "משחקים שילוב של אינדי פולק רוק, ואפילו רוק פוסט קצת לפעמים. זה דומה עכבר צנוע, ריצוף, אנדרו בירד, Decemberists, Menomena, ציפורים חיקוי". אחרי שהסברתי לגרנט היקר שהאנגלית של בלוגרים ישראליים היא לרוב טובה יותר מהעברית של גוגל תרגום, הבטחתי שאאזין ל-The Western Boundary, אלבום הבכורה של Rat Trap. מ”

“This five-piece features a number of young Santa Cruz musicians whose work demonstrates a knack of song-writing far beyond their years”

“Overall I give this debut effort a 9/10, it has extremely slick production, brilliant instrumental work and a twee quality you don't get with a lot of so-called 'indie' music these days.”

“[Rat Trap] shines a bright light back on quality folk music and offers a fresh twist on a genre that sometimes goes unnoticed...There is a charming effervescence that seems to radiate from the whole album. And as their album art denotes, there is a carefree lightness that is carried throughout each song, a lightness that can only be achieved through genuine guitar compositions and simple lyrics...One of the best things about summer is the relaxing music that accompanies each summer task. And Rat Trap definitely achieves that sense of “summer reminiscing” that I long for in folk music.”

“This outing offers a strong music choice for those who listen to the Folk/Americana/Indie rock scene and a nice addition to any digital library selection.”