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“This coming Thursday, crazy sludge doom deliciousness is coming to our very own Greenville. Rat Babies out of Athens, Georgia will be here spinning their dirty bass and drums driven sounds into your willing and waiting ears. This is an especially exciting show because not only will Hecatgons! be there, but Din of Theives will be playing their last show here at home – get ready to dance! Coming all the way from Athens, Rat Babies has a really unique sound. I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview their bassist, Mux, and find out all about the band’s intense passion, hard driving sounds, and of course, their school bus.”

"In my opinion, rock n' roll has always been about rebellion and going against the grain. It is what your parents don't like. It is what the authorities don't like. It is dirty, sweaty, loud, scantily clad, dangerous, uncomfortable, and brash. And that is what SummerFest was last night. It did not matter whether every act was your ' cup of tea '. The energy was there and every act played their balls off ......RAT BABIES' heavy bass-driven get the hell out of the way or die rock..."

"On paper, Rat Babies sound like Godheadsilo, Dark Castle, Cavity, My Bloody Valentine, Harvey Milk, early Wildildlife, The Melvins, and perhaps a pinch of old Neurosis (the lead screaming is very Scott Kelly influenced) all thrown into Satan’s unholy blender. How can a fan of the knuckle dustin’ sludge mayhem possibly go wrong with that description? Well…the matter of fact is that you can go wrong, and somewhere along the way, Rat Babies made a grave mistake...."

"...This album is terrible; a 5th rate rip-off of a zillion other bands that do it better. Rat Babies…I’m truly sorry about being such a negative whiner about your music…but man…this just isn't any good at all."

“I want to primarily tell you about the incredible bass and drums band we toured with, Rat Babies, from Athens, GA. I have known Mux (bass, vox) and Toby (drums, beers) for years, ever since establishing contact way back in the early days of my own bass and drums band while still living in n.y (maybe 3, 4 years ago?). Like any other heavy as balls bass and drums band I ever encountered, I immediately feel a kind of kindred connection, maybe stemming from the unconscious thought, “they have to deal with all the same bullshit I have to deal with being a two piece! Two pieces unite!” These guys have become my bass and drums big brothers. Always inspiring with their creative guerilla touring type of thinking, innovative packaging, and mind-melting chugging riffs that are definitely reminiscent of early Melvins (and we heard that from many people in the audiences on this tour). (continued)”

“On the Road Again: Long-running Athens band Rat Babies is heading out on tour this month. Pretty much the brainchild of Mux Blank (AKA Mr. Blank), the band has changed its sound over the years from merely heavy and weird to thunderously noisy, sludgy and horrifyingly perched at the crossroads of provocative and insane. The tour will run until June 11, and the band will play Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee and North and South Carolina. Rat Babies’ most recent release is the Cough Medicine EP that came out last year. More information is available over at www.ratbabies.org and www.muxproductions.com.”

“After a recent show at the infamous Grant Lounge.... a local Macon woman described Rat Babies as "sounds like an abortion put into a blender swallowed and peed out"..needless to say she didn't like them and we dont blame her....but we love our Rat Babies and you should learn to hate them also!!!”

Clark Bush - Macon Noise

“The thunder from down under (or Athens, GA to be exact), RAT BABIES, graced us with their doomed and sludgy musical forcefields and warped minds, dislocated insulation of various types. SUPPORT THIS BAND!”

“Recently I saw a band called "Rat Babies" but they did not sound like rat babies, they sounded like a mother rat eating the fucking faces off her rat baies, they plucked my rusty fucking heart strings. It was goat slaughtering mayhem and if they ever come back I'm gonna cage the little fuckers and put a wheel inside and keep them as pets.”

Black Brandon - Macon Noise #3

“The first two bands to step to the plate tonight won't please tender ears. The lean, mean HOG snarls and lunges like a starving pit bull, foaming with tar-thick High On Fire riffs that more than earn such a reference. Rat Babies share more than just an Athens, Ga., hometown with Harvey Milk; they find common ground in the slow and low. Rat Babies' muck-tunneling sludge metal is cut with blues-guitar melodies like Harvey Milk but charged with charred-sounding amp fuzz like Weedeater. But if HOG and Rat Babies don't scare off the squares, then surely Phantascist will. The Carrboro combo's playful and borderless improv revels in sing-song rhythms and abrupt shifts in time and mood. Like playing a game with a toddler, this won't reward impatience or inflexibility. But if you're up for it, you might just enjoy yourself.—Bryan Reed”

“Rat Babies is sludgy bayou animosity in the vein of Melvins with a Halloween Town, stumbling from the graveyard with an armload of shovels, feel. The rhythm is slow and the lyrics are dark and repetitive battles with depression and substance addiction-- driven home with a plodding and brutal momentum and a bass distorted to Jackson Pollock fog. Think of Atrayu pulling futilely at the reins of Artax as he sinks ever lower into a Swamp Of Sadness where lilly pads sprout hypodermic needles and the sun falls brown through soot stained clouds. A personal apocalypse with every track. Their EP release party it this Thursday evening at Flicker from 11 to midnight, and will be complimented by shreds of bassist and singer Mux's Carnivale Of Black Hearts and free pizza.”

David - The Athens Secret Admirer

“Rat Babies are not cute and cuddly. Like the rodent they’re named for, they rip and tear into what they’re given. With screamed, nigh incomprehensible vocals, sludgy guitars and spastic, thrashing drums, Rat Babies are about as grunge metal as you can get. In fact, they’re pretty much standard. The Complete Guide... is their collection of unreleased demos and live tracks. More than half of the album heads into the five minute and over mark, leaving you wondering when the song actually ended. The sound quality is spotty at times, but for the genre, it works..... [follow link to read the rest of thereview]”

"This is the heaviest Rat Babies have ever sounded. This EP has three long (7:08, 8:39 and 12:54 minutes) tracks that ostensibly cover subjects such as depression and addiction. On its surface, though, you never know, because the vocals are largely guttural screams that are unintelligible. What they lack in clarity, however, they deliver in mood and emotion. Rat Babies, now a three-piece again, opens the record with “Smokers Cough” and doesn’t so much pummel as weave through guitar and bass lines that begin with a low howl, shift into sludgy mid-tempo metal and then fade out with digital noise...... [follow link to read the rest of the review]

“Making noise In their experimental take on music, Rat Babies is garnering some attention and has a new album underway BY ALICE WYNN AUGUSTA, GA - Some call it stoner metal. Some might call it doom metal. But Athens’ Rat Babies think of their music somewhat differently. “We kind of think it’s more jazz, but really hard and heavy with screaming vocals,” said singer and bassist Mux Blank.... [follow link to read article]”