Rasun / Press

“During my thirty five years in the record business and having launched hundreds of recording artists and singles to commercial radio, including ZZ Top, Prince, NWA, Tone-Loc and Tracy Chapman, I must say that Rasun has a highly identifiable vocal that if played on commercial radio throughout the United States and elsewhere, would turn into big sales figures. For any company that signs Rasun, if there is anything that I can do to help push a radio single up the charts, please do not hesitate in asking for my assistance. ”

Bruce Claplan - Rasun.com

“I have signed a lot of great singer songwriters during my 50 years as a music industry executive. When I first heard and signed Elton John, Neil Diamond and Barry White, I had this gut feeling that these singers had a very unique vocal and songwriting style that would carry their careers throughout decades. My gut feeling was obviously correct. Well now I hear it again with this great young singer named Rasun. Rasun’s highly unique vocal and writing style will make a record label a lot of money. Any experienced record label executive should look at Rasun as a major world-class singer songwriter with the ability to turn out many hit singles throughout his career. ”

Russ Regan - Rasun.com

"Rasun and Beenie Man make a formidable pair"

"A memorable twist on the slow-jam formula"