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“So much music on the Liverpool scene is boisterous in its sound and tends to over shadow the songs that don’t grab the casual listener by the collar and into their respective groove. Collecting Skies then is a slow burning experience of a record...,in that you have to invest time into the listening to truly enjoy it. And now that I’ve listened and appreciated the mellow, reflective vibe of The Big I Am I can say that you should give this a listen. Draw the curtains, dim the lights, sip a cup of your favourite beverage and you will enjoy this album at its best.”

“Featured Artist of the Week: The Big I Am When a group writes a song that is so damn compelling that you simply must start the song over again upon its completion, you know you have found something worth wild. The Big I Am, a soothing folk pop trio from Liverpool, are most definitely worth wild. These guys are so complex in their simplicity, you just might instantly fall in love. Check out their debut album Collecting Skies released early this year from Folkwit Records”

"Hypnotic and yearningly beautiful on the splendid Folkwit Records "

“The Big I Am is quite a name for a band to live up to. "Collecting Skies" implies garnering something mere mortals can only inspire to, something that pushes the envelope almost beyond breaking point. It's a big album, loud, brash, beautifully arranged and orchestrated. This is an album that comes with a wealth of riches. If it was just an instrumental album, that would be enough for many, but only until you hear the narrative, which is of the quality that it could be delivered in a flat monotone and still hold your interest. An album of many parts, bolted together to perfection.”

“a debut album of poise, strength and the most vociferous magnificence. The Big I Am sound absolutely confident and joyful in their creativity. Collecting Skies could be the soundtrack to snows melting and spring emerging. Songs open like a new dawn breaking and hang like blossoms from fragile branches of beauty; then they grow and grow until they are bursting at the seams with catharsis. If you listen to this album, be prepared to have your heartstrings plucked and stroked until you ache with joy and any cyisism you harbour is utterly defeated. Be prepared to be lifted." ***** (5 stars) ”

Eddy Cooney - Rock'n'Reel Magazine

“On "Collecting Skies" you sail from song to song with ease, the feeling is relaxing, Colin and Peter share the workload on the vocals and stringed instruments with ease, they swap with each other, but, most people wouldn't notice, that's how good these guys are. Quite simply the sound from these guys is LUSH. These songs are so good you could be forgiven for thinking this was a "Greatest Hits", but it isn't, it's an album full of top class songs, ..When you get to the Title Track "Collecting Skies" you've been through 9 songs of The Big I Am, you just think it can't get better but this track take's them to another level. The final track though, is my favourite song on this album, "Board Games" is a wonderful idea for a song, the music sounds almost Russian in feel, I guess that's a design due to the song title. I can't compare this bands music to anything else, it's outstanding from start to finish, a superb addition to your collection, and whats more, NO DRUMS!!!! :)”

“...what a stonking three piece band they are after hearing this eleven track debut record. There is no denying the band their already unparalleled success which has been aided by a favourable quote by BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson. Two songs in, Better Days is bound for radio glory as it is a wonderful track which is the best of the record. Even the arrangement does extremely well here and is an ideal example of a song which could have been several minutes longer as you want to savour in the wonderful ambience that is created Aided through the string arrangements/orchestrations of Dutch composer Wim Oudijk, this is heard pretty much throughout and the combined sound they create is the audio equivalent of giving your earlobes a bowl of sponge pudding and custard; totally thrilling and a taste sensation which lasts long after you have gorged on the item itself.” **** – Russell Hill, Maverick Magazine”

Russell Hill - Maverick Magazine

“ A stunningly lush album , using an unusual instrumental core of cuatro, piano and ukulele (plucked pizzicato, rather than strummed), augmented by expansive and melodramatic string, brass and woodwind arrangements. All this is hung around actual songs which are uplifting and beautiful. Remember the first time you heard Elbow's One Day Like This? It's that good. Don't let this one get away. If you only listen to one track, start with the title track "Collecting Skies" http://thebigiam1.bandcamp.com/track/collecting-skies What Does It All "Mean"?: It's life enhancing. It's like a long hug from your very best friend after a hard day. Goes well with...: Late evening with a bottle of red. Or in a comfortable bed with the speakers up loud and your eyes closed. Might Suit People Who Like...: Elbow. Talk Talk. Arco. Bjork.”

“The Big I Am have returned with a triumphant album of sheer brilliance and craft... one of the best albums you are likely to hear this year. The album “Collecting Skies” bursts with heartfelt melody and emotion both lyrically and musically....so do the right thing and make ‘Collecting Skies’ a very welcome addition to your album collection”

“Collecting Skies...'It’s a gem of an album'”

“This Liverpool trio have blown me away, this is one amazing collection of songs. they have created a glorious soundscape. At its most simplistic core the mixture of ukulele, quatro and piano compliment the easy vocal delivery. That on it’s own would of made it a good record, but what makes it a great record is the lyrical astuteness that abounds throughout. I am happy to say here and now it’s the second in my essential albums you should add to your collection in 2011. 9/10”

“Band of the year 2010/11 'Collecting Skies' CD of the Year 2010/11”

“The album is everything you want, and is so easy to listen to. It’s subtle yet hard-hitting, and it leaves you feeling musically satisfied whilst leaving you wanting more at the same time. A definite must for any music fan!”

“Some of Europe’s finest independent spirits have been enticed on Home, to include such fine acts as The Big I Am, and several other artists that should not be passed up. Review of Home @ http://www.rashrecords.co.uk”

“I'm not sure if this is a full blown release, yet, or a sampler cd primarily to get the band gigs, not that it matters, if you should get the opportunity to get your self a copy, grab it with both hands. The Big I Am have the feel of a band flirting with the fringes of greatness”

“Big I Am’s track is rather lovely in a heartfelt ....Fair warms the cockles of the heart - review of Home @ http://www.rashrecords.co.uk”

“It was great hearing the radio show...I love your sense of humor and your music. ”

“wow, awesome! you're bloody awesome! i’m really very impressed! loved to death your outstanding very creative intriguing folk acustic pop stuff,!! music for my ears and my radio! wonderful songs, great vocals great energy, you're very talented indeed! you're absolutely spectacular!”

Carlo Basile - Radio Basile

“each song has its own personality. Lyrically, the songs are so well written that you believe in every word When you have lyrics and music as good as this performed by 3 outstanding musicians individually and collectively, then you know you are in the company of something special.”

“Your live radio gig on Wednesday was amazing! And the Wimification of "Hole" is simply - astounding! ...The Running Out Of Adjectives I Am... ”

“Excellent (Live session)”

Dave Monks - The Pool BBC Radio Merseyside

“One of the two most talent artist around this time, A bunch of scallies from Liverpool but by god they are talented people”

Russ - French Flyer Radio Show

“these men gave an insight into 3 brilliant minds which have written some of the finest acoustic music the Zanzibar is ever likely to hear. Intricate melodies with amazing vocals it was a performance of the highest order.”

Review Zanzibar 24 July 2009 - keyhole productions

“subtle, melodic and mysterious I love it sounds like Peter Gabriel and Steve Reich having an acoustic jam somewhere”

Tom Robinson - BBC Radio 6 Introducing

“F**king Brilliant”

Tom Robinson - BBC Radio 6 Introducing

“The Big I Am are worth more than a quick listen and are a refreshing back to basics sound in todays world of effected computer enhanced music. ”

“The Big I Am bring together a range of acoustic instruments such as the Cuatro and Ukelele to produce beautiful, haunting music. Simple, understated lyrics with carefully crafted acoustics. ”