Ras Ceylon / Press

“Personal responsibility may be characterized as having the capacity for moral decisions, therefore being accountable and capable of one's rational thoughts and actions. Seduced by the world's temptations, it's easy to become ensnared amongst compromising situations, corroding one's sense of personal responsibility. As it pertains to Hip-Hop, MCs often live their lives amid the unflinching public eye; their personal responsibility is often scrutinized. Originally from Southern California and now living in The Bay, Ras Ceylon is an MCs who embraces his personal responsibility to Hip-Hop as well as his personal responsibility to his community. Some of his albums have been marked with the warning sticker, Mental Advisory: LYRICAL CONTENT. His lyrics manifest his love for Hip-Hop and his love for community. Murder Dog is granted an exclusive glimpse into the realm of constant lyrical and community progress.”

“We caught up with Oakland rapper Ras Ceylon and talked to him about his new album 'Scientific Non Fiction'. It's his second album and it looks to be a monster. We started off talking to Ras about his background which Sri Lankan and how that culture is often overlooked and misunderstood. We also talked to him about him embracing Rastafarian and how it influenced his music. We also built with Ras about his revolutionary take on politics and why he found it important to hook up with people like Chairman Fred Hampton Jr of the POCC and have him featured on the intro of this album. Ras is a force to be wreckon with in the years to come. And for those who feel like Hip Hop has lost its sense of adventure and commitment to politic, Ras Ceylon puts those nagging doubts to rest. ”