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“The Rarely Herd were among the finest contemporary bluegrass bands to come out of Ohio, and became quite popular on the festival circuit. Playing a wide variety of progressive and traditional bluegrass along with their own unique compositions and adaptations from other genres, the Rarely Herd were especially noted for their close vocal harmonies and energetic performances.A 1992 showcase at the International Bluegrass Music Awards established the Ohio band as a force in contemporary bluegrass. That same year, Pinecastle issued their debut, Midnight Loneliness. Heartbreak City followed in 1994; two years later, the gospel-flavored album What About Him was released to widespread acclaim. The Rarely Herd continued to win awards and win over audiences with their energetic mix of bluegrass prowess and on-stage antics. Coming of Age appeared in 1999, and A Part of Growing Up followed closely on its heels. ”

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“I saw the Rarely Herd at a bluegrass festival recently. It was there I bought their CD "What about Him". I haven't QUIT listening to it! The songs speak to the very soul. I have listened to all kinds of gospel including famous ones like Elvis. All are pale in comparison to this CD from "the Rarely Herd". It's not only a great CD to listen to, but to be experienced and transformed by”

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“Nearly eleven years have passed since I worked with The Rarely Herd on an article for Bluegrass Unlimited magazine's February, 1994 issue.Always stressing entertainment, the Rarely Herd had become nationally known for a unique sound characterized by strong musicianship and smooth harmonies. With songs of many moods, "The Waving Girl," opens the album on acoustic country note and tells the sad story of Florence Martus, a jilted woman waiting earnestly for her sailor to return. A statue of her waving to ships stands on the shore of Savannah, Ga. today. Of their original material, "I like well-written novelty tunes, and "Next Thing Leaving Town" does the trick. Weaver collaborated with Ronnie Reno to write "Arizona John," Jeff Weaver once told me that ." The Rarely Herd's "Return Journey" shows that the band has all three, and their solid enduring foundation is also built around hard work, persistence, drive and commitment.”

Joe Ross - Return Journey album review-Bluegrass Unlimited