Raquel M Jackson / Press

“..."US singer songwriter Raquel M Jackson is a huge fan and decided to take on one of her favourite track to remix, he’s her version of “Little Boy” taken from the 1994 “For Pleasure” album. Download and Enjoy."”

“You look beautiful and you sound beautiful. I heard you singing my daughter Toni Braxton's song and I thought that was her. You did an amazing job thank you.”

Mrs.Braxton - City Hall Atlanta GA

“I'm so impressed with your intonnation and PITCH! Girl you betta go head and SANG THAT SH*T! *5 STARS, FAVORITED, AND FEATURED!”

“hey Raquel, yes I'm good.. and you? thanks for the newness you sent me 'word is yours' keep comming with those great vibrations.”

“i love|like|LOOOOVE this ♥ (your voice has an age of it is own ya'know)”

“LOVE your music!! I can vibe too it all day ;o)”

“pure vibes... love it.”

“Lovely jubbly!! xxx”

“What an amazing person on stage and off. Her smile says it all. She lights up the stage and gives you what she's got and I love it.”

Beatmaker Taj - Making Rhythms

“I smiled during the whole show, I love roses are red.”

Ashley B. - Number One Fan

“The girl energy is just amazing, what a star she is.”

Tommy Hightower - Paper Chasers

“If you can't dig it then you haven't dug it, and if you haven't dug it then they haven't been digging Raquel is powerful.”

Davis Johns - Philly Live