RapidxFire / Press

“These kids are insane and crazy talented. They get better every time I see them!”

Jose Mangin - Sirius XM - Headbangers Ball host

"The bands thundering drums, fast guitars and startling youth have earned Rapid Fire a reputation as one of the Garden States most promising hard rock groups."

Tris McCall - New Jersey Star Ledger

“Rapid Fire, a heavy metal, prog rock band made up of 14 through 16-year-olds, will play at Bamboozle Festival this weekend after winning a competition with over 500 bands to get a spot in the lineup.”

“His voice started in midrange and smoothly glided up to an intense banshee wail easily rivaling metal icons like Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford.”

“It was an epic display of precision and aggression. In other words, it was totally metal. Making it more impressive: none of the three metal mechanix responsible for the onslaught are old enough to drive.”

“They’ve been warmly received and praised by members of the rock hierarchy like former Judas Priest frontman (and subject of Mark Wahlberg movie Rockstar) Tim “Ripper” Owens and Little Angels singer Toby Jepson.”

“F*cking METAL. That is all. They will permanently freeze your fingers into devil horns. Now for the kicker - these dudes are in high school. I was still playing with action figures in high school. ”