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“As corny as this is gonna sound, this is why I love this gig. I genuinely believe it’s my honor to write about real music like this. I don’t care what genre of music it is, when a band is capable of that kind of life enriching stress reduction, even if it’s just for one memorable night, that’s what it’s all about.”

“Today on my blog I pay tribute to some bands that I love feauring Jelly Withtheproject Alicia Grodecki Chelsea Carter Nicole Jean Rode Eric Mitchell Odi Rapedoor Tara Davis”

“Rapedoor learns about the christian sidehug on Filter Free Amerika”

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“RapeDoor is phenomenal. I want to hear more and I'm fairly confident I would do almost anything to see this band live. So Robert I thank you for the suggestion and now I want to suggest something to you... Listen to this band, you will NOT be disappointed.”

“They've got plenty of recordings and videos, but the best way to experience them is live. Let's be upfront and say without hesitation: RapeDoor puts on a show you haven't seen before. As wild as you think some bands are, this one blows most out of the water... right from their first song up through their last. They get people out of their seats and singing along to all of their songs. Some are even fortunate enough to be pulled on stage and join the band in their debauchery. The way they engage their audience is extremely gratifying to witness and be a part of.”

“ lloydkaufman Lloyd Kaufman Toxie loves bit.ly/ypRPLw. @rapedoor”

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“ certainly have a wacky frontperson that you cannot possibly take your eyes off of in Nicole Rode. To put it in my mother's parlance, i.e. crassly, she looks like she was rode hard and put away wet. Her hair is a wild bleach blonde mane, her eye makeup an enormous black smear. Fitting, then, that Rode is her last name. But, this is not to besmirch the lady, because she is clearly one smart, zany, fun woman to be around. In fact, the whole band appear to be the best of friends, which makes it all the more entertaining to see a RapeDoor show. . ”