Rani / Press

“Welcome to the latest new artist spotlight! Given the success of the first post in this series, which featured Miami’s Monique Abbadie (potential interview in the works), I return today with Rani Ramahi, a passionate singer from the Twin Cities whose style is a mix of R&B/Soul and Pop/Dance. Rani was born in Brazil and relocated to the United States at the age of 12, around which time he developed an avid interest in singing and acting. With a wide arsenal of languages at his disposal – Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Arabic – I believe this artist has a tremendous crossover potential, in addition to possessing the high level of talent necessary to attract a loyal fanbase. The music video for his first single, “Danza Conmigo,” will be dropping very soon and the song’s catchy hook can be heard at the end of this promo video: I wish I could share “Danza Conmigo” with you today because the music is magnificent & the video production is breathtaking!”