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“When you listen to a lot of music for your entire life then one day decide to write about that music as a critic, everything changes, you become by default...more critical. As such that increases over the years and it thereby becomes more difficult to find anything that actually gets your attention in such a way that you are genuinely intrigued and pleased enough to want more. This is how I felt when I first heard the music of Randy Vera. One of the things I do is make my assessment and ask myself, who does he remind you of? Then I go to the artist page and look at the "sounds like" references to see if I was spot on or not. The first artist that came to mind was Tom Waits, bingo! He is the first one mentioned. I then thought of Randy Newman and Leonard Cohen. Those two are not mentioned however I felt there was a little bit of each artist in Vera's sound and Warren Zevon? Yes, . Read More at http://www.muzikreviews.com/randyvera.php”

“The Randy Vera song: “Here Made of Gone,” 2012 finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting Award (Jazz category) is a song about “The Gardner Heist” in Boston, MA. The robbery remains the largest property theft in recorded history. What’s significant about this song is how it positions the Art thief in dialogue with “Aesthetics” itself. It questions the very laws of perception and beauty. The musical framework is full of meanings. Examples here are too many to mention. Some are the “creeping” and “tip towing” Bass lines which represent the thief and his accomplice. The flute and oboe nervously whisper a woodwind conversation. This represents the two tied and gagged night watchmen. Many of these subtleties were composed by Multi Platinum Producer Anthony J. Resta (Read more at http://roundmagazine.net/music/round-indie-music/382-randy-vera ) ”

"Randall Vera is a cyclone of musical style and dense string theory poetics. The depth of his understanding of the English Language on top of multiple musical idioms, like jigsaw puzzle worlds of Donlad Fagen mixed with the soul of Al Green, easily place him in a catagory so far above the banal and mundane it makes me dizzy" Anthony J Resta 12 Time Platinum Producer (Elton John, Twilight Films Sound Track, Duran Duran, and more)

Anthony J Resta - 12 Time Platinum Producer (Elton John, Twilight Films Sound Track, Duran Duran,

“RANDY VERA Our second guest tonight hails from Brighton, Massachusetts, a multi-talented actor and musician who was described as: “A consummate professional, Randy gets the party going with a great voice, great musical chops and a genuinely fun personality to boot." The Boston Herald and we heartily agree ! Randy can simply play and sing anything from the Stones to the Police to Hendrix with his undoubted singing and guitar playing abilities complemented by a highly charismatic on-stage persona which never fails to delight and entertain. His own material, though, is where Randy really shines. "Its Who I Am", "I Win" and "Bigger Better Deal" bear comparison with the likes of Ryan Adams and even Gil Scott-Heron in places, and his album simply entitled "Randy Vera" is well worth a listen. Set List - Its Who I Am, Open Door To Your Heart, I Win, The Bug Replies, Bigger Better Deal, Various covers ”

“Randy Vera "CFA" Holy crap. It’s the second coming of Eno & Byrne with Tom Verlaine riding shotgun. Boston-based Randy Vera’s hallucinogenic ‘CFA’ is the latest add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One and this tune will most assuredly carry you through any parts of your next shift that threaten occasional bouts of weirdness. Extremely well-produced and creatively chaotic, ‘CFA’ is a wild romp. Turn it up & enjoy the ride. ”

““My Mom worked at St Elizabeth’s ER, overnight, when we were kids,” the handsome Musician, Randy Vera tells us. “She would be back just in time to help me get to school. I had my share of trouble. Mom stuck by me. She never complained, even through her cancer treatment – it was “aren’t we lucky to live in Boston with the best hospitals in the world” – “why me” never crossed her mind. This Mother’s day, I made a video of her grand kids impersonating her. “Randall, your hair looks like a derelict! When you get a real job you will need short hair. Etc Etc” she is the rock of my life.” ”

“Randy Vera This was close to being the feature because I absolutely LOVE the idea behind the writing of the songs. Vera is a family man with a master’s in comparative literature who claims his three daughters are his life and that hits home to me as well. His poetry-into-songs style of writing means that the accompanying instrumentation has specific reasoning like the creeping bass line that represents the art thief on “Here Made of Gone,” which is the title track on the album produced by AIAA platinum certified producer Anthony J. Resta (Elton John, The Twilight Films Soundtracks, Shawn Mullins, Duran Duran, and more). The song is about The Gardner Hiest in Boston. The Heist is being made into a Matt Damon/Mark Whalberg Film. This is feature worthy, but just wasn’t the choice I ultimately made. Do yourself a favor and check out: http://www.reverbnation.com/randyvera ”

“John Lennon AWARD Finalist: Randy Vera, Song: "Here Made Of Gone," Category::Jazz. Lyrics by Randy Vera, Music by Randy Vera and Anthony J. Resta”

“Excerpt, MIT radio: Randy Vera on writing for film:"Feelings come from all elements simultaneously, lighting, cinematography, costumes, acting, and music. Film scoring is essentially finding the right balance. I write in a way that goes right into the fabric of the character as she/he conditions the plot. When you watch the movie you should NOT be fully aware of the music. Music/sound is the character 'effecting:' say, the Shark's simple two note low slip in JAWS; the sound of death itself in 'Silance of the Lambs;' the sound of 'being lost' in 'Deer Hunter's guitar; these feelings are as much 'character' as say 'Willy Wonka,' yet are mostly missed by our best Music Directors, and composers" - Randy Vera (WMBR, FM; MIT radio interview)”

MIT Radio

“Excerpt: MCL: "If you had been born any species other than human, what do you think you might have been?" VERA: "Bird. Every morning, real early, like dawn, these birds have a huge meeting outside my window (I live in a studio apartment in Brighton. My door opens to an alley, where the fire escape to the building next door is home to every bird in the 617 aria code) They get real loud. I rap on my window like: "Hey! Birds! Keep it down!" they're all like: "Hey Randy? You're up early!" I'm like: "No sh*t fellas. Thanks!"... I would like to be one of them. When they take off at sight of the neighborhood cat. Those birds are cool. Still, I'm getting tired of sweeping up their American Spirit butts. Darn Birds." ”

““A consummate professional, Randy gets the party going with a great voice, great musical chops and a genuinely fun personality to boot." - Dave Wedge, The Boston Herald ”

DAVE WEDGE - Boston Herald